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Tord Apr 2014
i let you flow
through the veins
to my heart

unaware of
your tremendous

to realize

it was
just another
shot from the past
Tord Apr 2014
to fix
what's broken
is piece of cake

to repair
what's torn apart
is piece of art

i'm hungry
draw me something
Tord Apr 2014
you all are prisoners
forced to obey
the people's republic
of hell

it's precious
don't let it go
while counting
heaven's falling scars
Tord Mar 2014
you never have to
be the one
who screams the loudest
to be seen

when the only thing
that can be heard
is the heat
of your heart
Tord Mar 2014
i'd like to have
my private jet
to melt the ice cream
high above

and let it drawn
my mansion fantasy
down below


when will i realize
i only fell on ice
Tord Mar 2014
if only they knew
these fast-moving people

what's running through
my senses

they would've gone
to the gallery

with me
Tord Mar 2014


so last year

it's all about hunting waves
on stilettos
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