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you managed to find me at my weakest time. right when i felt like love was done.
i am one to run from people like you. but you blew away the walls i built around me. and somehow you found a person in me i never met.
you see, i am set to the idea of people leaving.
so the absence of my father always brings me to tears, but in a matter of months you were able to replace 17 years of pain. i know, its insane to hold you in such a high place. but you helped me face my toughest battles.
i no longer feel alone.
ill never forget talking on the phone for hours, and the time that you bought me flowers. every song we sang and all the laughs that we exchange.
ill never forget every word you've said, it lingers through my head day and night. you saw a light in me. you broke me down and saw the real me. no one knows me like you do,
i love you
beyond 3 words can form. because of you storms make me happy.
how can a person make me smile when i hear the sound of rain.
all i do is think of you.
its a feeling i cant explain. i wish you could see what goes through my brain when the moment you are next to me, you are the perfect example of what a man is supposed to be.
because of you i know what to do if a man wont listen to me, if a man wont honor, i no longer bother a man who wont respect. i now know what is right and what is correct.
its crazy how much we connect. you have such an effect on me. you collect every word, every verb, every poetic noun that flows in me. so effortlessly my words never seem to slip away, you always listen to what i had to say.
because of you i know i have a voice because you never made me feel like a second choice.
so i can't help but rejoice in your happiness. instead of grieving on the thought of you leaving, you never stop believing in me.
i wish i could've valued time ive worked with you, and just listen each time you've asked me to put up a shoe, or fold a shirt. something i still can't do. but hey i'm still a better version of you.

thank you for taking your time with me, and raising 6 months of me.
i've become who i've wanted to be the moment you were ready to leave, so i can't help but believe that God has sent you at the perfect time.
i now shine brighter than ever before, i am so sure that you are someone i will never forget. Tim you are nothing but something God had sent.
wrote this about the most special man in my life
 Oct 2015 Tim Amaru
I guess I won that stupid fight of "I love you more."
Be who you want to attract,
Before you start "searching" for the right person,
Be the right person,
Find yourself,
Be comfortable with who you are,
Find happiness within you,
If someone is the only basis of your joy,
I'm afraid,your joy might be a mirage.
Sorry but its only in fairytales where frogs get to kiss princesses lol..

23-10-2015 huh,I thank God for this.had no idea this one would turn out to be a daily poem,I'm really touched like for real,didn't see this coming..but I must say,I've been waiting for this moment,guess dreams do come true :D ,..thanks for taking your time to read my poems and for the comments and likes ;they really encourage me,thank u very very very very very much people. :*
She's divine; but, never fine.. Lost in her own mind; she's one of a kind. Not that's it's a bad thing, it's a sad thing. Not knowing where to turn, she looks for guidance. How have we became so divided? Eye can no longer hide it; now she cries it. You mean the planet to me, but you not expanding with me. Eye'm drowning in this negativity around me; you gonna save me? Eye'm tired of being tired, Eye'm strong; but, not enough! You're supposed to be my backbone,  it feels more like a sad song. Where did we go wrong? Eye just wanna go home!
my vibe is different from your vibe.
Yours can be moved in the wind; while, mine moves yours! If you can even comprehend? Your mind capacity is nonexistent; mine is everywhere! All around you!! The Sun is my source of energy, it charges me ✨ you & me are Different & you hate me for it !! ✨
peaceful. Trees dancing in the breeze, as eye read. While eye take in the sweet vitamin D. Eye charge up my soul; &embrace; the beautiful Melaninated skin that Eye'm in!
sperrys on his feet, frost on his head; you cross his path; now your dead!
Words in his mouth, eye can never keep count... He needs to cool out!!!
Rider for me: even though we don't agree, he's a shooter for the Queen! As it shall always be!!!!!

My geeteeaye shooter, ain't nothing cooler!
Hahahahah! A little **** around!
Of you & me; has me feeling crazy!
You make me smile &laugh...; Sometimes cry, baby!! This Love eye have for you; isn't easy to keep..
Eye sometimes think; if eye Loved him any more, I'd be destroyed. My heart is only but so big &its; full to the MAX;
never **** this up: this Love eye could never get back!!!
 Jul 2015 Tim Amaru
 Jul 2015 Tim Amaru
*****'s chasing dollars instead of change and wonder why we get treated the same
 Jul 2015 Tim Amaru
With all the cards against us we gotta make it manage i swear to God i wish i cld mke yu harm proof what they dont understand its a bigger pic tht i cnt b taken out of ill nvr play yu like lebron vs jordan they say time is money but its not im broke so time all we got n yu cnt mke tht back so give me all yu got treat me like theirs no tomorrow....death over dishonour angel eyes short hair stay the same let the seasons change im willing to build noahs art known it cld b torn apart i aint got a image to uphold i keep the truth i been the truth  im a young simba in his youth. im wondering wat comes with being a better man put Tyson Ali  Mayweather in a ring &  they still cldnt knock my love 4 yu
Just a bunch of thoughts i wrote while at work.
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