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ryn May 2016
My mirror hangs stoic,
as silently it absorbs all it could with unbiased eyes.
All it receives under the day's sun.
Yet it never stores...
Not memories recent...
Not images perceived from the distant past...

My mirror
exists in the now.
It gives me only the present.
It reveals unequivocally the ground
upon which I stand.
It divulges only in the brutal and honest truth.
The kind of truth photographs could never tell.

Today it showed me what I've been seeing
with eyes half shut.
It showed me that,
I am older now.
Older than I was yesterday.
Older than I was a second ago.

Every wrinkle told a silent tale.
Every tale left quiet scars.
Every scar sang requiems of past mistakes.
And every mistake costed me my youth.

My mirror showed me that...
I'm older now because I've learnt much.
And I'm learning much more
because I'm older now.
An old photograph of myself inspired this.
Jack Ghaven Jun 2015
To everyone waiting to see me fail
I came to let you all know
That this soul ain't for sale
I'm sure you enjoy the show
But this sure isn't for you
It's all for me and I'm all in
You don't know what I've gone through
And you sure don't know where I've been
I've been in the deep end
I've gone through hell once or twice
Enough to know that I'll bend
But won't break in this life
And I spill it all in these lyrics
I'll sing and scream loud as I can
To make sure you hear it
And know I've become the man
That I want to be
But we all know
No matter what we see
There's room to grow
So I search for my answers
I continue to strive
To cure these old cancers
That try to eat me alive
Reflecting on the past through writing. Hoping to learn and grow each day.

— The End —