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Eva Jan 2018
What’s worse

Someone leaving
Because they don’t love you

Or them leaving
Because they do?
Eva Sep 2017
There are many types of love

First, there's the love that just is
And has always been
Reserved exclusively for family
Whether blood or friends.

Then, there's the love that extinguishes
Just as fast as it is lit
However long a laugh lasts,
A smile, a look.

And there's the love that burns
The love that makes colors brighter
That makes life happier
And pain a thousand times more intense.

There's many types of love
And all I hope
Is to die
Having experienced
Every single one of them.
Eva Jul 2017
You gave me a rose
Said it meant all you felt
Said it represented commitment
Said that was how
Your love took form.

And I believed you
Because no one before you
Had ever given me a rose
Had ever told me
About those profound feelings
Had ever loved me.
So I believed you.

You gave me a rose
But what I didn't know
Is that roses
Wither after a while.
Eva Jul 2017
Sometimes I think that
The difference between
Like and love
Is greater than
The difference between
Love and hate
Eva Jul 2017
She wears that leather jacket
Like a bee's stripes
To ward off anyone that might want
To get close

Her own, personal uniform
Her armor, her shield

Black leather jacket
An unwritten stop sign
For anyone that might want
To say hello.
  Jun 2017 Eva
O, white boat
of moonrise
sailing my way
I'll give up on sorrow
tonight if you'll take
tomorrow's away.
O, thank you, poets.
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