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 Aug 2020 Lyndsey
Hugo Pierce
I am swimming in an endless ocean
At the mercy of temperamental waters
My effort dictated by an apathetic sea
The volatile storms give reason to my struggle
But when the crashing waves cease
And the tide is still
I wonder why I am even swimming
There is no land in sight
No clear direction
Yet if I desist
I begin to drown
Sometimes I just hold my breath
Sink into the depths of despair
Just as I am ready to accept my demise
My toes brush the jagged coral
I mustn't rest on this bed
Or I'll sleep forever
I muster what little energy I have left
Launching off the seabed
Ascending through the pain
Gasping for air at the surface
Relief washes over me
I have escaped the jaws of death once more
Only to end up back here
Swimming in the endless ocean.
This poem depicts the struggles of suicidal depression. The way each day can seem like you are constantly at war with yourself just to maintain your sanity and repress the thoughts that try to take over. The bad days often better than the good because you have a justifiable reason to feel bad. Often you get tired and can want to sink into the dark place rather than fight it, but it can get so bad that you are ready to give up. Usually, at this moment you find a reason to survive and carry on. When you have reached rock bottom, it's either do or die. You work to pick yourself up and put the pieces back together, start getting out of bed, eating again and exercising, only to end up back where you started, fighting each day just to be ok.
 Apr 2020 Lyndsey
Kris Pretorius
Each scar has a tale
A story to bestow
A battle, bravely fought and won
A victory, even though

Some have too many scars to hide
And some too few to know
 Apr 2020 Lyndsey
Kris Pretorius
oh lovebird,
i’ve been a stranger to your ways
been staying up till 3 o’clock
i swear to God, it never stops
but i guess we’re no strangers to pain

our chemistry has settled down
but i swear, i’ll breathe life in it again,
just give me time

no longer will we have to stray
and dwell on all these long lost days
and nights
oh lovebird
it’ll be alright
 Apr 2020 Lyndsey
Your now
is not your forever
is composed of nows;
Stuck in yet another loop.
 Nov 2019 Lyndsey
Pagan Paul
Lay me down upon the moss,
cover me with autumn leaves,
rest my body in the forest
to be swallowed by the trees,
and let the fleeting moments
whisper my name to the breeze,
as the cool earth welcomes me,
let me go with comfortable ease.

© Pagan Paul (27/10/19)
 Nov 2019 Lyndsey
Passion Pete
"The tongues we speak, from out of the black abyss.
A chilling desolate sound. Searching
Of fury
and love
And wisdom ( mostly screams echoed)
We set this up as such,
With a magnitude to damage.
And soak the fears like kerosene soaked wash cloths. Which we disposed of on bridges that burnt through the night.
Breathless from the smoke, i shield my eyes.
To no avail, it burns them still
In a collage of envy i had lost myself Dear Friend.
Time and Time over.
Id see the downfall and yet not acknowledge it consciously.
Im slowly regaining my balance with more weight."
 Nov 2019 Lyndsey
Passion Pete
Help me
help me
I've lost my mind
I delved to deep.
And my confidence died.
Troublesome indeed,
but no remedy to find.
I've done it again,
I've Lost track of time.
I'm much to weak,
To keep steady in pace.
And when doors open,
Ill slam in thy face.
I'm much to sensitive,
To timid ,
Scared to the touch.
To Rough on the edges,
They think I'm to much?
I fear for my grace,
my dearest,
if one.....
I fear for the nexts
And rise of the sun
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