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ek glo nie,
maar vanaand bid ek,
nie vir wat of wie,
maar vir wat ooit was,
vir my onskuldige jeug,
toe ek plesier kon haal uit pakkies swiets, toe ek nie geweet het van oud word nie,

ek glo nie,
maar vanaand is ek op my knieë,
want iewers het ek my onskuld verloor,
my plesier word nie meer geput uit sondag oggend cartoons,
of met vriende speel na school,
met vrees in my hart sluit ek my oë,
en verdwaal in hierdie jongere drome,

vanaand is daar geen hallelujahs,
en geen amens
i hold on to distant summer days
they keep me warm during these nights of snow

and i’m not the only one who hasn’t forgotten
these memories lay restless still
as the aging leaves on trees still know

the color of your weary eyes
and as the final embers glow

the wind sings songs with beauty only to be matched by your sweet voice

during these lonely nights of snow
your absence leaves me cold
but i feel as if you should know
i hold you closer still
the sun's last ember light
haunting over the city
like a ghost, ending the day

both of us on that balcony
our wide and bloodshot eyes
a smile on your warm and freckled face

these memories I hold on to
these memories keep me awake
its such a shame that were all destined
to fall back down from grace
that angel carved visage sings silent poetry
rhymes of what you and I might one day be
and under those lost verses of rhyme
i lost myself in those sunrise eyes
to this day,
sometimes i cry,
or let out little sighs,

i envy those who kept their loved ones
better close than i
oh lovebird,
i’ve been a stranger to your ways
been staying up till 3 o’clock
i swear to God, it never stops
but i guess we’re no strangers to pain

our chemistry has settled down
but i swear, i’ll breathe life in it again,
just give me time

no longer will we have to stray
and dwell on all these long lost days
and nights
oh lovebird
it’ll be alright
Kris Pretorius Jan 2019
Each scar has a tale
A story to bestow
A battle, bravely fought and won
A victory, even though

Some have too many scars to hide
And some too few to know

— The End —