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a decrepit heart, but smiling still
just know i love you, and i always will

yet nothing here said could make you stay
the lone and level sands stretch far away
why did we cry when the **** kicked in?
its like we’ve always been
a black and white frame from a love filled scene,
or a joy filled dream

but when the morning birds sang we found ourselves not in the clouds
rather bound to the ground

the joy from the night before paved the way
for a bleaker reality,
one in which we could not see,
the subtle, right in front us,
everyday beauty
what is time
but a ****** up concept we all get caught up in
a foolish game no one ever seems to win

see , i don’t need einstein to tell me that time is relative
a second of staring into your eyes feels like  a lifetime of love and fulfillment

and if time is all we have, i’m going to relish every single moment
live a life of commitment
and whether it be heartbreak or old age that separates our paths
ill know there was a time in which i loved, and love, i still do
A westbound fog steadily showing its face,
as the sun hides its own.
On a bus bound for somewhere far from here,
an unknown destination far away from home.

Through every savanna, through every green field,
through every soggy
marshland with mud sticking to the heels.

It seems that everywhere I go,
whether it be high or low, far or near
time never seems to slow
and she’s never really here.

With every shrinking cigarette,
each separate dying ember,
with each slow wilting flower,
with each breath, I surrender.

Thoughts of the living traded in for the dead.
“Vanitas” or such, I believe men once said.
Lately we’ve been growing distant,
as my vision’s been growing blue.
It seems the harder I hold on,
the more I lose sight of you.

But don’t let that distance turn into doubt,
cause if this is merely a sample of heartbreak,
I don’t want to know what the whole thing’s about.

Know that I’ve had no doubt on my mind.
Every time you walk into the room, I think of the beautiful early bird sitting lonely in that lecture hall.
A memory I can still distinctly recall.

A memory I’ve been falling back to quite a lot these past few days.
One that prevents me from wandering off and going astray.

And I realize these words might be cringe, but please know that they’re true.

After every little fight we have,
I’m still in love with you.
Kris Pretorius Dec 2020
you said our love was unconditional
genuine, with no strings attached

but what is that love worth
when you dont love me back
Kris Pretorius Dec 2020
a peaceful sunset
on a slow westward breeze

like a large distant ember
slowly drowning in the sea

is your new life what you hoped for?
how’s the land of the free?

heard you got that scholarship
do you even still think of me?

since you’ve left i’ve grown lonely
your love is all i need

that ****** Atlantic ocean
separating you from me
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