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Passion Pete Sep 26
"The structures of my memories
Deteriorate to quickly
And all my reality
Crashes down
With hail
Around me
Inevitable floods rush in
Im breathless
And im drowning
In my own little safe zone
I know
So profounding. "
Passion Pete Aug 20
Im lost like the dead
In a cool summer night
Winds weave together
And i walk with all might
Serene Chaos
In ol pale moonlight
So pale, so pale,
The palest I'd seen
None would quite know
Your special black gleam
So Leave Me To Rot Here
In this Grove all my own,
Grown accustomed to rain
And the deaf silent tone
Passion Pete Aug 13
Afflicted notions of my own.
From those who filled with false adoration.
And sprung new hope now gone.
Who left
with little to no revelation.
No epiphanic thought.
Just another name to rot,
Forgot and caught
in tandem oceans of
Fury and Envy.
Envy being strongest.
Among all my lost causes.
Passion Pete Aug 6
I awoke in a Tomb,
                     Not of my Creation.
Through Green Fyre bursts I,
                 With all her Damnation.
The Green carried me here,
                 and it carried me there,
Carried through Lands,
                       That knew naught but despair.
It guided, then dropped me,
                       Next to a weary old Host.
Shot into the man,
           Like some deadly Green Ghost.
Took me inside,
                        Inside his new Home
Crept into my Eyes,
                       it was mine to now Hold.
Green grew in me, though
                     and it ripped out the White
A beast to become Sorrow,
                               Sorrow in the night.
A beast to reveal,
                         Mankinds own wicked deeds
Fore the Cursed Witch,
                                 Who had ended his HeartBeat.
Green Flames in my eyes,
                              you could easily tell.
My revenged decayed Heart,
                            just wouldn't Swell.
The light and the love left over,
                              Forbade such acts anymore.
So the Lonely Warlock,
               Left her to be
Passion Pete Aug 2
There's this thing,
    A swelling thing.
A feeling, beating. Lifely thing
There's this
A Gaping, Raging,
Tense and Tender Hole.
  There is filling and seeping
And a mighty repetition
of both.
      There IS life and loss within a pulse.
     There are repairs
and still subtle cracks within the cold stone walls grow.
    They LINGER and GROW.
and grow
and grow
    But there  is no eternal Mason's in this wickedness
Passion Pete Jul 31
A forest,
Of the blackest
               black strands
And brown locks,
That weaved together
In sad white corridors
We stared
without fear.
Passion Pete Jul 23
Reflections of a cardinal
on a street sign
through a puddle
as I traverse myself home
from another chemical excursion
This chemical,
of the heart.
In sad white corridors i visited yu
The feeling of exile
What's lovely is
I'll always respond
What's sad is,
I'll doubt myself,
And lose myself
again and again.
I'll doubt,
like I would through a dark forest.
By creatures that hunger.
They hunger
Hunger for my knowing,
For my past,
For my sight and perception
And I'll still believe
i can give them a future.
Forlorn I stand.
And afear,
I hate it here.
But the air is clear
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