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Supa Dec 2018
Flurries fall onto the window
As white fills the street
With a clean white sheet of snow
The phone rings
Schools have been cancelled
Call up my friends
“Let’s go down the BIG sled hill”
We meet up around 3PM
Where no little kids around to ruin our day
We pack snow to make a ramp
And drag our sleds up to the top
As we race down the sled hill one by one
Faster than light
Speed, I am speed
Feeling the freeze and staring at the jump ahead
Until we feel an elevation
Then we are sent flying high
Soaring faster than planes in the sky
Until we land
Hard landing but we land
Every laugh, every giggle fuels are adrenaline
As we take on the ramp
And build it up and build it up
Until we get the biggest jump
And once we get tired of that
We race down the hill
Trying to knock each other off to win
So we can go the finals
And be crowned a sled champion
In our fake world
And we rinse and repeat the same formula
Our creative minds wonder
Until it turns dark
Where our mothers come to pick us up at 8
Where we get hot chocolate at McDonalds
And head back to someone's house
Where pizza and drinks await
Where we go downstairs and play video games
And talk about girls all night
And sleepover and stay up til late
Still playing games
Having deep talks
Life, sports, girls, parents, etc.
Truth or Dare, What are the odds
Until we start to feel tired
And pass out and start dreaming
On the next snowfall
Under the white blanket
Need a snow day right now tbh. Flashback free verse! Follow for more
Supa Dec 2018
Have you ever looked at perfection
A next second coming
A new light for your soul
A new start, a new journey
Everyday you try your best
To feel the emotion of love
Until an angel comes from the heavens
With blonde hair and blue eyes
Just the way we see them
Everything beautiful is there
A gorgeous face
A gorgeous body
But then you talk and you start to see
A personality
A goal
A common goal
An interest
And you start to fall
Fall in the hole
The hole of love
The eyes make the angel jealous
And the slick blonde hair
Could anyone jealous thoughts
As I stare into an angel
And get struck with a bullet
A bullet of love aiming at my soul
Love feelings value perfect angel
Supa Dec 2018
They call me evil
I’m Superman’s little punching bag
Golden Eye’s shooting range
Anyone look at it from my view
Suicide Squad was a joke
It didn’t represent the struggle of a villian
The struggle of my life
And everything around it
Let’s start with a story
I was a crack baby on the street
Momma shooted ****** 10 inches deep
She overdosed when I was 13
And my daddy was a good man
But I was messed up
He paid for my school
But I was hit and bullied
Cried to my dad but he didn’t care
He left me in the streets when I was 17
Why’d you do that old man
He couldn’t handle me and all my problems
So he ran away
Every job, every college
Turned me down like an illegal
Like I committed some sort of crime
I learned technology myself
Sometimes stealing books from the local library
That is how my evil started
But all my knowledge on tech accumulated
Until I was something more bigger than myself
I stole parts from the tech store
I trained myself to be a kung fu demigod
With a side of overpowered
And a pinch of passion
I built a robot
And my goal was to get revenge
On the people who doubted me
And all the people who hated me
And destroy them all
I killed them
Every owner
Every bully
I squashed with my robot
And then those heroes came along
At the peak of my hour
And that is when my head was out of the clouds
And it came back to reality
I presented my case
But they wouldn’t listen
So now I am here
In state prison
This is the villians view
The side of story no one sees
Every wonder the villians side of the story?
Supa Dec 2018
Go Away Love
Love, oh love, where do I start
You mislead me, you abused me
You trick me into your devilish lies
You give me a false sense of hope
Because every time I talk I feel I am getting closer
But I am actually drifting farther apart
Driving a deep wedge from our love
Why do I bother trying
Why do I ever love
A plastic heart that contributes nothing
More manipulative than the best lawyer
Because when my hopes are high
They go sinking down the drain
I can’t give up the fight
When I need to give up the fight
Fight or flight, I just wanna fly away
This game is too insane
Everyday your obsessed with the same person
Your eyes glued when you want to unglue them
Go away love
Go away every lonely night
Crying into my pillow
Thinking obsessively about them
But they won’t answer
Every moment cherish
To make an impression
But impressions won’t be enough
You know they don’t care
Despite how hard you try to forget
But you are too determined
But you just need to forget about it all
Forget about them
But love attracts to you like a magnet
Every suction sticks
When I want it to unstick
What is it so attracting?
Why do I want to come back for more?
When I know I will fail
Fall head first with no cushion
I try to go with the flow
Try to be myself
But nothing will work
Nothing will fit
The puzzle pieces won’t match
Go away love
Your worth nothing to me
You lied you cheated you played me
You used me as your punching bag
You use me as your test object
Too see how we will react
To the rejection
To the thought of failure
I am onto your ***** tricks
I know what you want to see is failure
Why do you want to see me fall
Why am I test subject
I am human too
I need love too
I don’t wanna dable and go
I desire the same affection
Yet my heart is the greatest liar
My heart is the greatest sinner
Everyday it tries to pull me in the wrong direction
Why do I have to suffer this force
I just need to let go
But I can’t let go
Everything falls down like a broken cliff
Thinking and shaking
Staring into your eyes
But knowing
That my goal is impossible
My standards set
And knowing I can’t meet those
When my heart tricks me I can
Is why I spend my nights
Looking at sad comics
Thinking I will be lonely forever
Mind manipulates me
Guess my mind is a sinner too
My whole body becomes Pinocchio
Lying that I can do this
That I can receive love
From someone that my heart connects too
But they don’t connect back
So I just wanna let go
“No don’t let go”
“There is always a chance”
“The odds may work out”
But they never work out
They always come back to haunt me
So let’s face reality
My love won’t love me back
So all I have to say is
Go away love

— The End —