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A young and beautiful, but wretched soul,
Dreamt in an enchanted world of her own,
With enraptured stallions and unicorns,
Far away from the brutal world so widely known,
But little did she know, the doom of her fantasy land is close.

Long was the string of her heartfelt desires,
She wanted to gaze at the infinite stars,
And eagerly waited to whoosh to Mars,
Away from negativities and deep scars,
But little did she know, she'd always be on the radar.

Incessant lookouts for an escape,
Made her wearied, sick and frail,
It was then that the realisation kicked her brain,
For what is she suffering so much pain?
For a world that is best at growing only wolf's bane?

After a month of Sundays, time finally chipped in,
When she could take the world out for a spin,
To vanquish the conventionality like a fiery levin,
Now was the time to declare that she won't take it on the chin,
And little did the world know of its approaching ruin.

Prepared to confront the imposed tyranny one-on-one,
She took it by surprise like a curve ball,
Then the insurgence began bold and tall,
"Why are women objectified as puppet dolls?
Why do taboos exist only for womenfolk?"

Appalled by her fearless defiance,
The world warned her against such resistance,
And swore to banish her existence,
The girl merely snorted and said "to hell with your dominance",
And little did the world know, it'd be soon thrown into a vortex.

Shining from within like a blaze of sunlight,
Powered up by vexation from her plight,
She broke the ancient shields of the dark skies,
And swallowed the ossified world with plumes of her divine light,
Yet little did she know, she has pioneered a new set of star lights.

Srishti Mundhra Jun 2018
Under the dim setting of,
A forbidden dwelling of pleasure,
He sat and stared hard at her,
Brushing off other exotic dancers.
Her amber skin shined,
Her golden curls waltzed,
While she tantalised,
The men with gold-filled vaults.
He sought her attention,
In pain and rage,
Desired to seize his possession,
And to get her out of their cage.
Sensing his fiery gaze,
She turned towards him,
Leaving behind her forced play,
To end his unceasing whim.
“I am in misery, let me go,
I am not worth you, let me go,
You deserve better, let me go”
Her words hit him with a strong blow.
He shuddered, broken into pieces,
His world collapsed in front of him,
Dominant hues of blackness,
Sadistically smothered him.
Unable to see him pulverised,
She leaned in closer,
To savour his lips one last time,
And secure closure.
He delved deep into her mouth,
Demanded every inch of her soul,
But the timeless fire spoke out loud,
T’is the last kiss their destiny doled.
"The Last Kiss" poem is about the yearning for love in a place with no hope for love
Srishti Mundhra Apr 2018
Black sky turning blue,
Waking up to a prosaic view,
Thinking how to make do,
With the life I’ve brewed.

Walking on the busy streets,
Looking down at my feet,
Like another rat on the wheel,
I am running till I bleed.

Office drudgery from nine to five,
Listening to people with plain lives,
Wondering if they have fire inside,
Feeling lost as time flies by.

Standing under the moonlight,
Rows of towers sparkling white,
Gazing at the star-speckled sky,
Wanting to shun the city lights.

Coming back home hollow,
Trying not to accept my sorrow,
Playing music on the radio,
Tapping my feet, sitting alone.

Standing up with full grace,
Embracing music with a craze,
Rejuvenating my mental state,
Becoming sane once again.

Gliding through the air,
Pirouetting with a swan-like flair,
Unleashing emotions with tears,
Feeling complete in my lair.

Crashing peacefully into bed,
Rhythmic rising and falling of breaths,
Still wondering how to reset,
The vicious cycle that I dread.
This poem is about how a person is trying to find escape from a mundane life, but ends up in a vicious cycle

— The End —