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  May 14 South by Southwest
tonight I am a poet
but that could just be
the drink talking
In high school before exams,
We all profusely prayed to Allah to make us pass with excellent grades
But my friend prayed for a Mercedes a craze then.
We all passed with good grades,
My friend did not get his Mercedes,
He passed with distinction,
Went to Unversity,
Became a CEO of a big company,
Now he is an industrialist with a fleet of cars,
Latest models and even two Mercedes,
And I a happy house wife,
With several children,
That's Allah's way.
From the depths of despair
Where God is unknown
And only danger surrounds me
I feebly fight against the call
That draws me ever on to destruction.
Only the call of a Whippoorwill can save me.
Thank God our neighborhood is full of them.
Keep on flowing,
If you stop them,
They die.
in the fog of war
body count
a blur
both left and right
go unheard
walk a losing path
in charge
Nothing changes
nothing ends
— the final bard

(Dreamsleep: May, 2024)
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