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Nov 2020 · 95
Burning House
Sean Martin Nov 2020
We had an enemy we didn't understand
We had an ally we couldn't rely on
All we had was each other
All we had was our brotherhood
All we had was our rigorous training
We were baptised in fire and violence
We were sunk in cruel unrelenting combat
We struck back like Hammer and Anvil
We kept hope in a nightmare paid with blood, sweat and tears
Some of us left without a beating heart
Some of us made it but forgot how to live
Some of us turned our scars to success
However those left of us that have managed to survive...
We all feel as if we're standing in the centre of a Burning House
Trigger warning
Nov 2020 · 575
Sean Martin Nov 2020
A kingdom has a king
But can it be a without a Queen?

A King can burn with fury and wrath
A Queen can cool tempers and rage
A King can make tough decisions
A Queen can surge with unrestricted emotion
A King can declare a war
A Queen can declare her love
A King can be wise
A Queen can be empathetic
Both have their highs and lows
Roles and characteristics can be reversed
Alas, in the end... a Good King has a Good Queen to rule beside him.
Nov 2020 · 253
Sean Martin Nov 2020
Lips pursed, beckons you ever closer
Soft to touch, yet firm to latch onto
Moves and flows like light ocean waves
Slight salty sweat, leaves a sour tang
Taste withers away, leaving sweet yet sad memories
Nov 2020 · 101
Burning Heart
Sean Martin Nov 2020
The heart burns like the fiercest fire
Lights with passion as its igniter

Grows the more it is feeded
Weakens when not given what's needed

Takes astronimical portions to keep the hunger at bay
Just a bucket of water washes the heat away

Fully aflame it can be seen for miles
Even a spark can light up an aisle

It'll streak, power, shine and search for love
It'll break, whither and darken when it finds none

When the flames of wanting are said and done
I'll tell you the story of the heart has only begun.

The embers left over can always be rekindled,
New seeds of Eden in black Ash can always be sprinkled.

— The End —