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Simon Fernandes Jul 2017
She made him Punctual from a late latheef
An extrovert out of a lone desert
Chivalrous knight who was an insensible trash
Responsible man who always forgot the dates
Kind human whom world saw as a hooligan
Studious kid who was a topper in reverse order
Majestic man out of a whiny babe
She made him drop the Deadwing, which had his soul
listen to Chainsmokers which was once detested
share his share of chocolates and make an amendment
Let the pillion occupy the special reserved seat
Dump all the colossal ego just to see her grin
Ignore the friends as if some ***** jinx
Get drenched because she found bliss in it
How do you feel now, that the bait is consumed
There is no more interest, no intrigue left

Get the control of the handle now
Rev your ****** out on the road you like
Stop not till you find the the right place
Hope is what keeps us awake through ghastly nights.
Simon Fernandes May 2017
I will welcome you in my dreams with roses and chocolate, just promise to wake me up before it's too late.
Simon Fernandes Feb 2017
Have you ever wrote with a wrecked pen and shed all the smudge

Have you ever played a guitar with broken strings and bled your fingers

Have you ever tried to burn the moist leaves and got eyes insanely blind

Have you ever screamed so hard and got your throat smitten

Have you ever seen something so vicious and scarred your memory

Have you ever pondered of something so bad and lost wiring in your head

Have you ever hated someone so badly and ended up loving immensely

Have you ever been favoured by ethanol and temporarily erased her for a night

Have you ever left a flock in order to find the lost one

Have you ever let her go finally realising the sweet truth

Well!!! I have done it all to the brim and then a voice spoke deep within

The darkest nights have some stars too

There are the left,scorned and abandoned flock too

If not, the darkest night will have a shiny morning too
Simon Fernandes Feb 2017
Vision at the moon out of my window
Gave a stupid thought that I too could sow that seed

Contemplating the most complex crooked stuff in simplest way
For I did not know that this castle of glass would shatter in every way

How dreams turn into fake promises
How there is no more surreal world to live within

Stay hungry, stay foolish was just  quote
Ended up with a final thought that I could never ever sow that seed

Wish I could be that kid back again
Wish I had that responsibility sized hair thin.
Noresponsibility Absurddream Shacklefree
Simon Fernandes Feb 2017
As I leaned towards the window sil on the white sheet,
covered in the blanket of luminous moonlight

Keeping my head on the hand ,
pressing it to tight

I mistook the pulse for a delightful heartbeat
I mistook you for the eternal love believe it.
Simon Fernandes Jan 2017
Perhaps this was the way it was suppose to end.
Perhaps the sour end is what makes the beginning and progression so sweet.
  Jan 2017 Simon Fernandes
Tom Leveille
kissing you was like swerving into oncoming traffic

i can never tell if i am more haunted by empty picture frames or the ashes of their contents

you taught me that the saying "pick your battles" meant not answering when love was at the door

sometimes when i drink whiskey i swear i can hear your voice in the creases of my bedsheets & i sleep on the floor

i still catch myself running my hands over things you touched the most, looking for the echoes of your fingertips

i practice things i'll never say to you

i remember the day you told me you didn't like poetry, how "everything's already been said" & how "nothing meaningful can be captured without being cliche" you know, i don't miss you like the sun and moon, i do not miss you like tide bent waves crashing on the shoreline, i miss you like a chernobyl  swingset misses children

rumor has it that drowning is a lot like coming home, that drinking bleach can **** the butterflies in your stomach

for your love of cigarettes, i would have been an ashtray

this halloween i want to dress up as the you when you loved yourself and show up on your doorstep

i never understood what you meant when you said i was an instrument, back when you would cup your hands around my chest and breathe through the holes in my heart, i still wonder if the sounds i made remind you of wind chimes

i never paid much attention to abandoned buildings until i became one

in my dreams all the flowers smell like your perfume

i am the only person who has ever wished for the same snowflake to fall twice

if i could go back, and rewrite the definition of audacity, it would be how when we lost the bet of love, you said "we never shook on it"

i love you, if the feeling is not mutual, please pretend this was a poem

the only apology i want from you, is to have you repeat the names of children we will never have in your parents living room until they *****

we are the same person if you find yourself up at 4am dry heaving promises, or if you are kept awake by the laughter of those who've abandoned you

nobody ever told you that goodbyes taste like the back of stamps

sometimes i'm convinced that the only reason we hug, is so you can check my back for exit wounds
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