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Zoe G May 2018
People say nothing is impossible,
but I do nothing every day.
Zoe G May 2018
Hello friend,
Are we friends?
Yes we are,
But what kind of friends are we?
The best one,
So, can I trust you?
No, you can't,
So, can I relay on you?
No, you can't,
So, how the hell can we be best friends?
Zoe G May 2018
This world,
Those people,
Where should I look for those who didn't lie to me,
Or for those who still kept their soul,
Because too many people are standing without them,
And too many people just don't believe.
Because too many people are drowning without them,
But is there is something that they can do about it?
I wrote it in the school hallway just looking at people.

— The End —