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 Feb 27 Zoe G
Farheen Khan
There  is no light
That can take my darkness away

I was born  with a  bright heart
But like a night to every day
My light was taken away

There  is no sun to my moon

Loved by the stars
I found my world
 Feb 27 Zoe G
The one
 Feb 27 Zoe G
He will always be that boy
but he will never be that man for me.
 Jun 2018 Zoe G
Jaspal Kaur
My Fears
 Jun 2018 Zoe G
Jaspal Kaur
The only thing that scares me most is the sunrise.
The moment I see daylight spreading over houses and trees, all my fears become alive.
The fear of people seeing the pain of lost love in my eyes.
The fear that someday my smile will no longer be able to hide the anguish of broken heart.
The fear of breaking down in front of a crowd.
The fear of loving and getting attached.
The fear of unrequited love scares me.
The darkness of night hides all my fears in my eyes that nobody can see.
 May 2018 Zoe G
 May 2018 Zoe G
It was heavy.
The weight of the world
fell on me, and it was heavy.
All the moments of my life
I have carried this weight.
My body was tired
from it.
I could no longer do this,
I could no longer support this.
Crash. My knees hitting the dirt.
Crack. My body failing me.
Screams from my friends
Ringing in my ears.
“Help her!”
“Save her!”
They knew
the weight I carried
was hard for me
but they did it anyways.
Forcing nutrients into me.
Giving me more weight.
Weight I had to carry
not them.
Weight I could not
live with,
weight I hated.
For I was too heavy.
Weight is for all the people who struggle with body image. For a long time I was starving myself and purging. Finding comfort in your own skin is one of the hardest things to do and being confident is something that is easier said than done. Beauty is unique to each person. So, don't fret love because you are just as beautiful as you are unique. Be true to you, and the world will fall in love.
 May 2018 Zoe G
Nada Syafira
Have i told you
How stars collide
Above my head
That one night in June?

Have i told you
How i colour
A blank paper
Light blue?

Haven’t i told you?
I was nothing but
A miserable virtue
Till there was you

— The End —