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My bed feels so empty without you in it.
::::::::for SPT::::::::
(10w x 5)

...reading  you,
i see, feel
a huge anvil,

.........i'd fly
lift the anvil
swoop you
and loved ones

i'd free you all
from what's been
weighing you down

then, relift the anvil
drop it
where it really belongs:

...upon free, delusional souls,
who must be controlled,



Copyright October14, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
...I wish I could tell you, "I've got your back," ...I wish I could do it, and more...
It's a quiet little love,
Doesn't have a lot to say,
But it works its quiet magic
Without penance, everyday.
It listens without judgment,
It shares both joy and pain,
It never hides itself away
When sunshine turns to rain.

The movements are so subtle
That she oft forgets it's there;
still it moves to lift her spirits
Any time and anywhere.
It's not what she's been looking for
But when push comes to shove,
She'll find a certain comfort in
That quiet little love.
 Oct 2016 Shawna Renea
i knew it was there.

i knew that you loved me. i knew it from the way you excessively laugh at my jokes, and the way you trust me with your problems.

i knew you felt us.

i knew that you wanted me. i knew it from the way you screamed when i scared you with ghosts and the way you care about me when your friends told me about how unsensitive you were with them.

i knew it but i thought it was only me.*

but sadly, it's all in past tense.
now we're just friends who talked like lovers.
 Oct 2016 Shawna Renea
fires are red
and skies are blue
my feelings fade
along with you.

the sun rises
and the moon disappear
fear not darkness
just keep your mind clear.

one day, she said
'laugh with me'
i laughed along
i forgot my misery.
idk seriously
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