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Shawna Renea Oct 2016
When you are away for far too long
the hours seem so distant
and tonight with you beside me
the night feels too small
The hours slip away
yet my dreams
fit within this room
with you laying beside me
I look into the blue sea of your eyes
You leave me breathless
drowning in that look
The lines I etch across your skin
and the trail of lips
lead me to surrender your love your bliss
Time seemingly halts in our embrace
Trembling until our release
The weight of it all feels too heavy
as you drift off to sleep
I curl against you wishing
you could take me with you your dreams your heart
I will always ache to be with you
when you need to go
but that peace will return
when I feel your heart
once again next to mine

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
All the free will
and dark desires
spinning off
into complete oblivion
couldn't stop
that quaking ache
deep inside me
for the perfect soul
I would ever know
I would shake
Thor from the sky
Would have
begged and bartered
to catch a glimpse
of the One
who was given
that piece
of my soul
The sliver that's hidden
deep inside of you
I pay tribute to Freya
and kiss the feathers
that have let me fall
softly into you

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
I have been caught in a storm
but I am ready for the calm
Surrender to it with me
fall into the unknown
just fall with me
At night the storm rages
but shower me with your peace
lie down gently
just lie here with me

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
You are like an oppressive shadow
Constant. Looming. Unshakeable.
You crush my lungs, my spirit, my soul
I feel small when you are near
I feel little pieces of me die...inside
I feel caged in your presence
I feel my self slipping...away
waiting to crumble into nothing

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
moonlit thighs
fervent sighs
hungry lips
quiet slips
pulsing hips
muffled cries
shattered skies

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
Do you hear the love
in my voice
from the many ways
I say your name
sometimes clear and true
and others a breathless whisper
sometimes so softly I question
whether you hear me trembling
and others like caged excitement
I wonder how one name
can express so much
but all I want to do
is say your name
for forever and a day

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
I lost yet found
a piece of myself
there with you
in the moonlight
I lost my heart
it is no longer mine
but now lies inside yours
My soul was found that night
between the trees
and water of the steam
I found it in a place
I never thought to look
in another...
in your heart.

I found it in your words
...I love you
I felt them twist
their way inside me
sinking further
than any other
They reach through me
waking a desire
I didn't know existed
A helpless passion

I found it in your touch
like feathers
yet it was capable
of breaking down
these walls
I built up high
around me
You touched me
like no other
timidly yet possessively
you stole my heart

I found it in you

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