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Sophia Jan 31
mostly i think about
all the different ways
i could undress your mind
every feeling laid out on the table
words leave your mouth
and land in mine
i watch as your lips curl
while your eyes blink
wrapping me up
in colours reflecting you
even in my dreams
i'm always running back
to you.
Sophia Nov 2020
i watch as you pass me by
silent by no means; loud in the uncertainty
you walk this earth
knowing the dull ache
which life sometimes brings
accustomed to the serene scenes
that would quickly be overcome
as the bandage slips off
submerged in water; drowning.

wearing the exit wounds
revealing the gaping gashes
inflicted by the ones
you claimed to love
but these fair-weathered entities
never seemed to keep their promises.

they never cared to change
why would they?
they're not like you and i
they're just a candle in the wind
slowly burning out
we're just getting brighter.
Sophia Nov 2020
a raincloud sits above my head
from time to time
i find it hard to brave these dismal skies.

but then you come along,
as you do.

with a light behind your eyes
a fire in your soul
and you build me up
so much so,
i no longer feel small.

my greatest friend,
that is why
when the going gets tough
and the world caves in
you come along,
as you do
and then i remember
what it means to feel loved.
  Nov 2020 Sophia
the moon sets in the sky
like a bird knows how to fly,
many people travel by
they never wonder why.

days go by and by
are you living on a lie?

when you speak do you think?
do you ever stop to blink?
have you ever felt the brink?

you have to come to terms
the reality flame must burn,
you cant live your life like this
if youre living like a fish...

trapped in endless water,
do you ever even bother
to look at yourself and say
there has to be a better way.

there has to be happier days,
a tree with perfect shade
an unflawed picture in its frame
life cannot be a waiting game.
Sophia Nov 2020
spending my days
in between the sheets
peeking out at the sky as it speaks
one deep sigh
i watch as it shifts
from night time
to day time
flicking through the shades of blue
mixing together, painting a solemn hue
i hardly notice that time has gone by
until the new day arrives
sitting all alone
wasting all my time
Sophia Nov 2020
i am a stray
dragging my feet through the mud
waiting for the sun to drop
so i can hide in the shadows
for a little while.

i am not where i belong
i am stuck in a wave of pitfalls
but the earth keeps revolving
can it not hear me?
can it even see me?

when i scream,
for it to stop,
for it to slow down
so i can catch up
my body is here
but my mind is somewhere else.
a poem i wrote about disassociation.
Sophia Nov 2020
softly in a dream; you come to me
arms stretching out towards your light
i am overwhelmed, tip toeing through life
but softly in a dream; i am taken to a higher place
with you
i realise
  love is in bloom once again

now, i know not to run away
  from fear or from failure
i am anticipating the fool in me
falling gently for you
all i am; encapsulated as a soft breeze
merely indulging in the rush of things
yet swaying softly between the trees
i realise
   love is in bloom once again.

my heart composes a melody
every time we meet
which is complimented through every
word uttered from the harmonies you devise
softly in a dream; i wake with thoughts of you
i know i am safe until my demise,
laying contentedly by your side
for, i realise
  love is in bloom once again.
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