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SEHO Nov 2018
Show me, all the things that I can't see
Open my eyes and show it to me
Tell me, the words that I can't hear
The words of anger and the word of fear

Can you believe I once saw it all
Even after the great fall
We were once so far and high
Until you and I fell from the sky

I have always fought it like a soldier
I already told you
Just tell me all those things that you won't say
Don't hide from me, not today

Show me, all those people that I haven't seen
With whoever you have been
Tell me, everything I never listened to
It's the only thing left for you to do

You and me, together
SEHO Nov 2018
Open skies look like movie nights
The clouds open my eyes and now I see
The night is not darker than the thought of being alone
Alone today and alone tomorrow

Watch how stars shine, flicker and fly
How nothing is dark in this night sky
Structure in the chaos
Must be an immense responsibility

Nature writes its poetry all around us
Poetry that can be seen and felt
Endlessly growing, it is unstoppable
As it should be, forever

There are only two places where it can be found
The endlessness of time and space
Looking up at the night sky
Or staring into the reflection of your eyes

Where reality meets creativity
SEHO Nov 2018
I look into the distance while a breeze hits my coat
The freezing wind blows the sun away

I see all the reflections in my eyes
The disappear sun hitting the ice

Why must it be, why is it gone?
All the green that was once here

It is getting colder and it snows
The wind picks up and her hair flows

Don't stay in that cold and freezing night
The dark will take over your sight
And the cold, as sharp as a knife
Will slowly end your life

A shiver down your spine
SEHO Oct 2018
Have you ever noticed?
You must have felt it

Countless times

You always want more
Of that what always decreases
Irony or reality
Maybe, just maybe it's both

Watch carefully

You have no control
It ticks like the undying heart of the universe
There is no water in the sea of time
No justice, no right and no wrong

But you, you are there, wherever might be
And when our time is up
We will be free

It ticks without mercy
SEHO Oct 2018
When you start playing the game
I will be your enemy
Nothing is in your path of knowledge
Just you and me

The game will be played against time
Like your life and mine
Which way will the dice roll?
In what direction will you go?

See through the skies, your limits
As I climb the highest mountains
For you, I do
For victory and for you

We will play until the end
SEHO Oct 2018
Join me
In my wildest fantasy

In a world turning upside down
Nobody will make a sound

There is a stranger in my world
He will face his fears and rise

All the time I have spent
Can't pretend it's not the end
I'm not ready, they are not ready
I know that it's the end

But I want to go back
Because my feeling was right

I will have to find
The lost piece of my mind

You're about to see
You're about to see
You're about to see
The insanity that drives me

Another reality
SEHO Oct 2018

I will take you beyond your furthest limits
You will not believe what is going to be left of you
Within you, I will destroy you
I will burn away this facade and I will reveal the true you
By the time I am finished with you
You won't know which is up or what is down
Your legs will move away
Then I hide my hands behind my back
Innocence will be a stranger to you

Are you prepared? I just have one more issue

I have no safe words, she said

Things that only she can be
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