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717 · May 2019
Happy Birthday
Nabil May 2019
There’s no resistance in the distance
Our finish is colored crimson
Footprints written into the system

Tongue tied linguistics
among the wreckage twisting to a stiffness

For today we have tomorrow
For tomorrow we have a new

Lewd obscurities that leave a rue
Stirred with minced pigs feet to hard to chew

A stew of watches branded for you
Tell the hour of your ends and dues .
Nabil Apr 2021
Feral fires still
We’ll dance our ashes away
Soon our seeds will grow
281 · May 2021
Root and fence
Nabil May 2021
Layaway receipts tucked in my lungs
I breath in your vapors
I exhale your funds
Chained by your favor, I need no reason
To a wall with a value
Cemented with our blood
264 · Jun 2021
Kings of death beds breast
Nabil Jun 2021
We men thirst like the vile beasts in brimstones nest . For war, for battle we we siege, in love and justices gory we reign. Our ladies, our woman only smell at best the rage that pumps in our chest . The pain, never  shall we forget. The loving scent that kingdoms kept . But blood we thirst in veins we shed, for battle and war is what we are bread .
198 · May 2019
Educational scholarship
Nabil May 2019
Paper cuts and hand packed lunches
brew a mystery , soundless and grey
To go upon our q’s and a’s
fueled by family feuds concord
That reach a sorrow , famine alike
treacherous sights of nightingales
Hooded robins , where stray explored
Swords and pompous swords that swore

Old and me we row
For kingdoms come and go
To go there back again
For the place we love is end
158 · May 2019
What the dickens
Nabil May 2019
The shimmering frog in tights with a bow
Gave a shot in the dark at his prize that took fro

He hansled and grettled for all the flys that he could tell he caught the eye of a Venus fly trap that stood

I am named after the beauty but beast I am
Love me tell tomorrow and I will always stand or love another for who I’m named that be man

He hansled and grettled gurgled and grunted jumped and took a hurtle because a women he wanted , to kiss me like the stories and turn me to a prince for that is what I want to be a man is what I wish

He hansled and grettled flirted and  tried to give love but the love was just not fair for in time, a pinch at his heart the witch took a start and left his legs shaking with salt as she carved

At last she just wanted him for what he had down below from the start
#story #love #hate #*** #foe #friends
154 · Apr 2021
To be or not to be
Nabil Apr 2021
In all vice and virtue there is a duty to fight for the endeavor of a purpose , fueled by concords; family’s ties we can’t afford .
Bound by a motionless impregnated common sense . To be or not to be that is the question I guess ?
133 · Dec 2019
When is now
Nabil Dec 2019
Awaken the pavement that has enslaved the graves to a paycheck , fighting for a reason to die in amazement , breathing for your love , chasing your shadow then just to see you now when the morning began
111 · May 2019
City boy
Nabil May 2019
I trail in rapture
where the row homes lay like canyons
Flip a coin
smog paints a canvas of an insipid rose
Where we grab the moon by the tail
On a one way
They took the v out of valley
rats parade as cats conquer
Where graffiti marches
And the pavement meets the cracks
You’ll find me
Nabil Apr 2021
Here’s to rocking the dome of the rock , waking the nuns from abstinence with wet dreams and fathers with a fix till you’re both stem and root ; ***-less , ball-less , tongue-less , ****-less , ****-less , to rewriting our rules till we are trees at root . Meditating on vigor of vitality for the sake of no clue . Vines that stretch and bind their way colorless , soundless , figuratively motionless , till  we reach a cage . Become the complacent urge to demonstrate hogwash because the impending breeding of this pig threatens my chaos . May be
80 · Apr 2021
Warriors oath
Nabil Apr 2021
Perplexed essentials
I can’t afford as I race to peace
Forgotten memos I exercised for energy

Fighting for the amusement
loving till its music
77 · Jan 2021
Winter Soldier
Nabil Jan 2021
Pressure rises later flows forever miles till sunset grove a hike upon these stepping stones up the river across the roads that separate the bones from home
70 · Mar 2022
Sodom and Gomorrah
Nabil Mar 2022
Flooded Swallows nest , hives
Deserted mines and festivals of joy
I'll bring you a circus
and you'll bring me coin
Shivering isles, tombs for Miles, golden koi
It's a gray haven for your keeps
Desolate of dissoray
So I'm sure you'll find a place for your needs
70 · Mar 2020
To begin an end
Nabil Mar 2020
I lay in the tree tops catching the rain before it hits the roots , I grasp the air before it kisses your cheeks , I bury the soil under the dirt with each step I take , I’ll never forgive your wake while I bleed and dream , At sleepless nights and by summers ends I am the predator , I am the prey , I am human
69 · Apr 2021
Firelink shrine
Nabil Apr 2021
Fallen fireside to watch the abyss
the night it shaves stem and root

But my eyes they search in darkness
for soil and you
67 · Apr 2021
Bus Stop Romance
Nabil Apr 2021
Lady fignewton -"If you could leave tomorrow with today
Im sure we'd feel alittle better "

Mr who am I - " I dont need your compensation for the truths I need a dollar for the rent and  the bills overdue"

Ladyfignewton - "If  you could leave tomorrow with today you'd feel alittle brighter "

Mr who am I - " ....Some money well spent and alittle soul food forgot about my health i just want to hold too.."

Ladyfignewton - "If you could leave tomorrow with today your a fighter "

Mr who am I - "....the memory that is left with me of the old you , am i concious of the now or am i old news ..."

Ladyfignewton - " If you could leave tomorrow with today im sure youll pull through "

Mr who am I " I want the kind of love that will last even when I cant hold you, a nice house through this looking glass "

Ladyfignewton - "If you could leave tomorrow..."

Mr who am I "  A job I can be proud of so you can clap , a smile a somone to tell me how i am "

ladyfignewton - " Leave tomorrow with today and Ill show you what we have now"
67 · Apr 2021
Nabil Apr 2021
Begotten untold untimely the page
a chapter unfolds into the maze
from lines I circle in darkness I take
forever my vows of eternity in fate
66 · Apr 2021
From the fog
Nabil Apr 2021
Saturated to the root I lay my my land, across the swamp the vines they dance to a rumpus rut ravage and rance , bold they grow leaf and branch
64 · Jun 2021
Twilight town
Nabil Jun 2021
Grasped from seconds past , forever more forever lasts , in nights that fade into kindled ash , with beauty , age ,  like a Phoenix dance
58 · Dec 2019
Chasing the wind
Nabil Dec 2019
Rooted by a haven bound by picture frames , chasing the wind as it howls tell the moon May show the flame , deserted isles and sandy tombs I’ll lay writing about this summers end , where winter would call to me again your name may seasons never reach an end
53 · Mar 2020
Heavens domain
Nabil Mar 2020
Hell knows what heaven holds so we keep our hopes on the pavement
forever burdened by layaway receipts tell they pile up and cave in

Build your hut tut  , find  your love Juliet
And win your war khan and I’ll paint the side walks we fall on , the walls we knock , the faces that fade

Forever yours,  heavens domain
43 · Mar 2020
Fate of the chosen
Nabil Mar 2020
Amidst the gasps of seconds past clear cut corners show their grasp

Pasts convict paths a mass
The holy hells of heavens affixed

At last our haven bound by frames
Chasing moonlight by the tail tell day

Forever ours yours tell now tomorrow our name will be yesterday’s eclipse for how
35 · Mar 2020
The space between us all
Nabil Mar 2020
Our suns may set , the rain may fall
Forever your star to wish upon,
The nights they shade our desert storm,
That separate the rose and thorn

— The End —