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Nabil Mar 2022
Flooded Swallows nest , hives
Deserted mines and festivals of joy
I'll bring you a circus
and you'll bring me coin
Shivering isles, tombs for Miles, golden koi
It's a gray haven for your keeps
Desolate of dissoray
So I'm sure you'll find a place for your needs
Nabil Jun 2021
We men thirst like the vile beasts in brimstones nest . For war, for battle we we siege, in love and justices gory we reign. Our ladies, our woman only smell at best the rage that pumps in our chest . The pain, never  shall we forget. The loving scent that kingdoms kept . But blood we thirst in veins we shed, for battle and war is what we are bread .
Nabil Jun 2021
Grasped from seconds past , forever more forever lasts , in nights that fade into kindled ash , with beauty , age ,  like a Phoenix dance
Nabil May 2021
Layaway receipts tucked in my lungs
I breath in your vapors
I exhale your funds
Chained by your favor, I need no reason
To a wall with a value
Cemented with our blood
Nabil Apr 2021
Lady fignewton -"If you could leave tomorrow with today
Im sure we'd feel alittle better "

Mr who am I - " I dont need your compensation for the truths I need a dollar for the rent and  the bills overdue"

Ladyfignewton - "If  you could leave tomorrow with today you'd feel alittle brighter "

Mr who am I - " ....Some money well spent and alittle soul food forgot about my health i just want to hold too.."

Ladyfignewton - "If you could leave tomorrow with today your a fighter "

Mr who am I - "....the memory that is left with me of the old you , am i concious of the now or am i old news ..."

Ladyfignewton - " If you could leave tomorrow with today im sure youll pull through "

Mr who am I " I want the kind of love that will last even when I cant hold you, a nice house through this looking glass "

Ladyfignewton - "If you could leave tomorrow..."

Mr who am I "  A job I can be proud of so you can clap , a smile a somone to tell me how i am "

ladyfignewton - " Leave tomorrow with today and Ill show you what we have now"
Nabil Apr 2021
Perplexed essentials
I can’t afford as I race to peace
Forgotten memos I exercised for energy

Fighting for the amusement
loving till its music
Nabil Apr 2021
Here’s to rocking the dome of the rock , waking the nuns from abstinence with wet dreams and fathers with a fix till you’re both stem and root ; ***-less , ball-less , tongue-less , ****-less , ****-less , to rewriting our rules till we are trees at root . Meditating on vigor of vitality for the sake of no clue . Vines that stretch and bind their way colorless , soundless , figuratively motionless , till  we reach a cage . Become the complacent urge to demonstrate hogwash because the impending breeding of this pig threatens my chaos . May be
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