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I'm single.
And it has obvious benefits
I don't have to share my food, and i won't be yelled at for occasionally being emotionally
But I'm a mess too, a disaster that no one wants a part of, but i guess that's why I'm apart from most everyone.

I'm single
Because it takes courage to love, courage that i don't have anymore because I've cried too much like a purple dove.
Everyday i see random couples out there in the streets under the spell of love
And being crippled by the hooks of loneliness i look up above and wonder what sin did i commit?
Can i change this sentence with a legal team and a habeus corpus writ?

I'm single
And cynical, growing more everyday.
I can't even appreciate a love song anymore, i know i sound crazed.
But you'd feel the same if everyday
You die just a bit more inside with each affectionate display.

I'm single
Because i can't offer anything but myself
No wealth, mediocre at best looks, and at best average health.
I'm a wreck no one wants to fix... so I'll do it without help.
Man, this is sad.
You cry when in pain
regret when in vain
You fear the so called uncertainty
and you rant over the missed opportunity.
You try hard to survive
to keep yourself alive.
You make thousand of mistakes
leaving your heart on a heartbreak.
You trust someone easily
and love wholeheartedly
But what you get in return
is violent name of rejection.

But those feelings should be temporary
Just like how we believe
that heavy rain will soon end.

It's okay to feel hurt
and feel the pain
It's okay if you failed
and get angry when upset
It's okay to weep sometimes
and to risk your heart to love.
Yes, you fear for uncertainty
but you are brave enough to face the reality.
You see every failure
as a disguised opportunity.
You learned from your mistakes
and move on with your life.

Because those feelings are natural
and are equally compensated
By the happiness and joy
and the love we received from others
And those emotions are meant to be felt
because that's what make us a human.
Firm feelings of abandonment
Betray a jilted heart
my frenetic fear is infinite
It has no end, no start

As if the flame of love
Has been starved of oxygen
It withers and diminishes
And waits to be kindled again

— The End —