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Sushmita Jul 2022
Sorrows and diseases, the black, the chaos, the yin,
things whose existence I had justified by using the word 'Balance'.
There are days when I find myself saying these things shouldn't exist but then
how would we perceive White
without having something to distinguish it, without knowing something called Black.

~ S.G
23rd July, 2022
Sushmita Aug 2020
So I took a little break and
didn't come to HP for sometime,
And when I did I realised
some of my friends weren't here anymore,
I have no means to connect with them
no means to know their whereabouts,
Honestly, I would love to know
you can't just forget about someone like that,
They meant something to me
somehow I didn't know that they did,
I should have asked them
for A Different Way to contact them,
'Cause here, on this site
We don't just exchange thoughts
We make friends.

~ S.G
24th August, 2020
To all those unheard poets, don't leave this community. Have faith, you have friends here!
I hope y'all are safe and happy! Peace.
Sushmita Aug 2020
Spread your wings and fly
Fulfil your duties with a smile
Use your rights prudently
'Cause on this day you were freed,

Learn about your golden history
Pledge to make this a better country
Remember the men of past gratefully
'Cause on this day you were freed,

Spread love beyond national border
Befriend people all round the world
Know what freedom truly means
'Cause on this day you were freed.

~ S.G
15th August, 2020
Happy Independence Day!
Sushmita Jul 2020
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell a story to thee;
A story of a young, curious, Polish lady
who loved to study and learn new things,
she met a man who loved to do the same and
whom she could love as much as her work,
he held her hand and together they soared.

The time when women were nobodies,
she did something which no one had imagined;
She discovered two elements and
was the first woman to ever win a Nobel Prize
and even went on to win another
and just so that you know, there was a time when bread, butter and tea was all that she could afford.
At the end it boils down to how much do you really want it, doesn't it?
And if you haven't guessed it yet, the lady I'm talking about is none other than Madam Curie!

~ S.G
22nd July, 2020
Madam Curie is one of my favorites. I hope you too would like her story and be inspired by her!
Sushmita Jun 2020
hatred growing on the table,
regrets piling up in the corner,
expectations boiling in the kitchen,
secrets stuffed under the carpet
and worries littered everywhere
ruins the real home; the inner self.

~ S.G
12 June, 2020
Man, this stuff really messes with our consciousness. Let's try to take care of our real home. ")
Sushmita Jun 2020
An incident prompted people to fight for justice
Then there are some asking,
"There's been acts of injustice before, why were you silent then?"

Because it's better to act late than never.

It's just not right for them to say that you didn't stand up that time so you must not now.
It takes courage to stand for what's right especially against those who have power.

~ S.G
4th June, 2020
I totally support all the peaceful protesters fighting for justice. We need change in the minds of all so that there can never be discrimination based on race, ***, creed, caste and religion ever again.
Sushmita Jun 2020
Sometimes all one needs is someone to ask
not 'How's it going?'
but 'Is everything alright?'
with the yearn for an honest answer.

~ S.G
4th June, 2020
Sometimes, it's hard to tell your problems to others. I just hope everyone can find that someone who would really ask. :)

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