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 Mar 2020 Paper Heart Poet
the rhythm, melody and lyrics
of my ancestral birthright
echo through the emptiness

the old songs resonate as
a choir of blood sings
vibrating the threads
that are woven into the tapestry
of all that i am by the lives of
my mothers and fathers
connecting me to them
with an untearable fabric

and as my thread
weaves in and out
i appear, disappear and reappear
travelling through family cloth
on the songs of those
that have gone before

and i fear none
as we all sing our song
to the tempo of the sands of time
as they fall into the future
 Mar 2020 Paper Heart Poet
no matter what's going on,
Just find a little place in you
To stay warm &
Escape the darkness
That sometimes
Is this world.
no matter what's going on,
Find a little place in you
The biggest religion is humanity
The brightest light is also humanity
The strongest power is unity
The supreme wealth is patience
The highest measure of health is determination
These are corona lessons
Which will be known by generations
No any religious shrine has cure for corona but our collective efforts for humanity with determination and faith in our efforts will win against corona.
I feel .....

With each passing day
Memories fade
The distance ever widens
Our minds going astray.

Are we still in love?
Or are we just waisting time.
Maybe we are not in love anymore
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