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Nyctoxia Feb 14
I see you all around me,
Everywhere I look,
From the tallest branches of the trees,
To the stones amongst the brook.

Your laughter echoes merrily,
Picked up by love-struck ears.
But never do I see your form,
And those happy thoughts become fears.

I always knew this day would come,
When you'd find me not enough.
But I'd always stay right by your side,
Hoping it was a bluff.

And now the tears fall freely down,
And I know you're truly gone.
But if you ever change your mind,
I'll wait one thousand dawns.
Nyctoxia Feb 13
When I saw you there,
After so much time,
Standing tall and strong,
Nothing short of divine.
I knew that was it,
I knew I was gone.
I'd fallen so hard,
You have me hereon.

In your arms,
It just feels so right,
When I meet your gaze,
I get lost in that light.
There's something about,
The way that you look,
The way that you smile,
It leaves me shook.
Nyctoxia Feb 13
Draw a breath,
Let it out,
Another in,
Another out.

There's always time to medicate.

To live your life in a haze,
Does it count? Just a phase?

Time's running out,
Mind full of doubt.
Catch me quick,
I'm getting sick.

— The End —