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340 · Jun 2019
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
Laughing so hard it hurts,
     Climbing into cold sheets,
         Finding a new song,
           Hitting all the words to a rap,
               Swinging on the swing,
335 · May 2019
MeanLess quote
Nsmith15 May 2019
“Tragedies and silence has the same
321 · May 2019
Nsmith15 May 2019
As idiotic humans we ruin everything we touch including each other...
289 · Mar 2019
Nsmith15 Mar 2019
Wherever you are,
Whereas you go,
Always be sure to
Forgotten that this poster was on my wall.
To all you amazing writer
270 · Apr 2019
Random post
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
”be myself ”

Been telling myself that for
And it hasn't work.
What do you tell yourself to fit in?
258 · Jun 2019
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
Mama bore a girl with a gun for a year

Teeth dripping lead,

And lips bleeding red,

Lashes curled for war

tongue waxing lyrics

Of both beauty and battles
251 · May 2019
random quote
Nsmith15 May 2019
”But who could love me?
                          . When am out of my mind”
Mental Illness
246 · Apr 2019
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
The world is a crazy place but sometimes
Every now and then I feel different
From everyone else.
217 · Mar 2019
Nsmith15 Mar 2019

I got your letters,
                           I hadn't taken you for granted or wasted the
                            the sunny days.
I never regretted
                            you being around
Just wish you
                             Stayed forever,
I have now an

                              Honey brown
Shade and the
                               Sharpest mind

Know to my tutor.

I embrace everything about where or what you're doing by making the college and school closed
            Now we're allowed to hang out with our lovers or ex.

Thanks, summer for making me have the opportunity to relax in my mini pool with 50 loud, drunken neighbour.
See you around   the next 3 month
Felt board,
All my friends are outside playing in the park while being stuck staring at the blank teddy bears
215 · May 2019
Nsmith15 May 2019
She wear black but her mind is colourful
199 · Mar 2019
Tale 2 of mum and daughter
Nsmith15 Mar 2019
Dear 8 years old me,

                        I fail you by not giving you
                          Hugs or storytimes
      For away fixing others when they never
    Said   thanks , your hand were shaking.
                     Sorry, for not letting you heal
       Sorry, for just letting you seal the wounds of someone else, while yours were
                   There were days where I was smiling. So sorry for forcing you to make painful laughter just so that
       No on had to worry about us.

I'm sorry, for that sleepless night, when you cry to be let out....

I'm sorry i never gave you a chance
To tell yourself that you are beautiful
.                         That you are smart
                           That you are o
I miss my 8 year old me.....

Love yourself
188 · Apr 2019
Daddy don't understand love
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
Daddy said love was all about red and white Rose, expensive dinner, ...

Truth is love is giving her half your fries when she wasn't hungry
Waking up a 4 pm, to her snoring and
Referring to shoving her off the bed.
Trying to embarrass one another, in public love, is full of stupid fright and tearful memories that make up for why I love her.
Love is just tiptoeing through life with your best friend
Random post
178 · May 2019
Nsmith15 May 2019
                   afraid to pursue love but
hidden in
                    moonless sky.
                 In search of “eternity”
                        his heart
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
Your love is wild, Your love is wild for me
It isn't shy, It's unashamed
Your love is proud, to be seen with me
You don't give Your heart in pieces
You don't hide Yourself to tease us
Uncontrolled, uncontained
Your love is a fire, burning bright for me
It's not a spark, it's not just a flame
Your love is a light, that all the world will see
All the world will see
Your love's not fracture
It's not a troubled mind
It isn't anxious
It's not the restless kind
Your love's not passive
It's never disengaged
It's always present
It hangs…
175 · Apr 2019
Messy quote
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
Why cut yourself when you can be in

                                     L O V E!!!
”oh yes love”
174 · Jun 2019
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I have a problem
  I don’t know how to fix it.

  Life is life but what about risks?

  I sometimes want to get hurt or die,
               Just to see if they will cry.

If people will care,
         or go on with their incomplete lives
               or if they will come clean away theirs lies.

          To say they’re sorry,
         to apologise,
            is something I don’t even think they would try.

             So what if I died?
        would you really care.

         The darkest secret
                hidden inside,
      may not be what I hide
            every night.

                     so remember this when you look to the sky,
              for I love you and I just wanted to say goodbye...
Sad unfixable
168 · Jun 2019
Pity your mask
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I might know the ending of my time,
but pity for you is all I’ve got, since I wake knowing that I’m dying, but you wake pretending that your not.
158 · May 2019
Nsmith15 May 2019
If am so smart and gifted with a wonderful mind...
  Then why do all the children run away
Why dose the adult whisper
  Why dose all the  sharp  leers feel like a
                  Is  it because of this confusing grimace

            Is it because of my flapping hands

Is it because of my indifference shadow
Am truly sorry that is not dark and dull like the others....

            But  am not sorry that it more colourful and warmer than your beam
Am not sorry for being neat
Am not sorry for being me
Am not sorry for be unique
Am not sorry for being god new creation
        Am not sorry that god got bored of the same faces the Same colour the same voice...
Am not sorry if this doesn’t make sense......
149 · May 2019
Random post
Nsmith15 May 2019
Cracked the rage with both hands
Light a sack of cards
smell it strong flames burn your eyes
Written at 8:21
149 · Apr 2019
Keep going
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
The ones who was or are STRUGGLING.
The ones whose days continue to be worse.
The ones who believe that they have lost


because I promise you not, that CHANGE is around the corner. Time always heals
                         FORGIVENESS will grow in the most TOUGHEST and DARKEST

Every Action has a CONSEQUENCE,
But there always a LESSON too.
          You shall look back on all these
MOMENTS and feel so PROUD
             Of yourself .

We made it THOUGH!!!!!
Look how far we have came
147 · Jun 2019
mr clowen
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
Shielding our imperfection into a twist
                                                                      Of concealing veils

                        As to MR.clowns  

                                                         HE was long, mis-shapen and forlorn
                                              All his wifes ran away without a smile,

                                 But full of a gaze unhallowed eyes of stone
141 · May 2019
Night owls 6#
Nsmith15 May 2019
Me, jealous of you?
                                   Bless you’re delusional  
134 · May 2019
Nsmith15 May 2019
Love is an atmosphere that seek out knowledge and truth
127 · May 2019
Nsmith15 May 2019
molded length  with father
held the tears

these battles has star-cross the village with misery


Pull through the storms
And trumpet that loving yourself is no crime


Going though the day you do you best to harden the blessings the lord has been holding for you


Be impatient as impatient
Bring you deceitfulness

Mama shine your smile
to the warmth of the world
122 · Apr 2019
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
“Oh ok”
Actually means
                  My heart has rippled into millions of pieces
                       But I won't bother telling
              don't want to waste your time
120 · Apr 2019
”wow that lovely”
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
If I could pen the finest art  
and hallow it to you  
aspiring that when we part
you assume my words are true

Trust in my simple actions
even though I may be meek
digest my bound reactions
as for you I truly seek

At most I've been left shattered  
fragmented like bate glass
eventually none mattered
for I reached a different class

Sincerity is my passion
if once bestowed to be
my love has not a ration
when you abide with me

No promises to be broken
Depleted, dead, or open
Promise  Promise  Promise
117 · Apr 2019
Random post
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
Happier days are definitely ahead for you..
                                        Struggle has
117 · Jan 2019
Top secret
Nsmith15 Jan 2019
You know,
the part where you're
no longer a caterpillar neither a butterfly.
You don't know why or where your

All you know is that this is,
a revolution for disruption.
Of the spirit,
So surrender children .
This is not the death
Of you .
This is the dying of who we once we're.
This is our rebirth sweet heart.
117 · Jun 2019
Never gonna grow up...
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I miss how boys
                           Wouldn’t like you based
                    on the size of your body,

But...    instead of how fast you could run and how nice you were to their friends.

   I miss  when cussing, drinking  and smoking was weird and not cool...

                     I miss when getting a high
               streak on snap wasn’t a chore

        I miss when our parents would support our choices, and would actually understand us.
116 · Jan 2019
Nsmith15 Jan 2019
We don't know why we're like this,
Why everyone leave,
Why everyone lies,
Why everyone forget us,
Why everyone thinks it ok to replaces us or play us
Are we that bad?
116 · Apr 2019
”why the world so mean”
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
Life goes on
With you
Or without you....
Sad thoughts
115 · May 2019
#2 incomplete
Nsmith15 May 2019
Need a beat
to Plunge these feelings out
For you

trumpet your name  
I see no patriarch in the pictures that hang Crookedly
Your not smiling
Your not sad
Your not sire

Your just aloof
Your just immortal
Just incomplete to everything
115 · May 2019
Daily thoughts
Nsmith15 May 2019
The darkest night produce the brightest stars...
113 · May 2019
Dad day...
Nsmith15 May 2019
It some serious issue
Do you know
What it feel like to pass the same street everyday full of people with the urge of trying to get your headphones out of your pockets so you seem busy
Feeling like there a big lump in your throat and you forgot how to swallow.
Palms are sweaty
Hands start to shake
You feel like people are looking and feel their eyes judging
Your on the pure of shredding tears
The reality is no one cares what your problems is or who you are.
You know anxiety is  stupid but there isn’t anything you or doctor can do to help
112 · Jan 2019
Expectations is our friends
Nsmith15 Jan 2019
She find it strange that her eyes are met with a endless staircase

          The world around him doesn't freeze or turn monochrome around everyone but herself

            Yet our heart sill drop when she walk into our room, Our focus is a far distent off. We get it everyday were our eyes out met with his you tilt your head and smile with you head filled of brids

He understand when you laugh to yourself.

Her stomach needs a million butterflies, when your around
When you smile it illuminates the room and my thought gose wild for a anchor.

Because your love and my words don't have a relationship with expectations to find or have a right diction.
109 · May 2019
Nsmith15 May 2019
Brave (feminine ending).adj. meaning
Fierce, ferocious,
Mad tempered
108 · May 2019
Daily thoughts
Nsmith15 May 2019
Why do you get to erase every little trace without my permission
107 · Apr 2019
Words fascinate me...
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
Words and some more words,

Words have always played a trick on my mind.
How a string of words are carefully chosen and often magically bind together to just from a connection with the readers
          A sentence can cause not only a ripple but a tide of change.
                One can do everything from altering a person perspective.
           There are a million Stars as well as words in this universe
                                I want my words to
    I want to make people investigate them for days on ends
102 · Mar 2019
Nsmith15 Mar 2019
Sleeping with strangers

Locking are hearts away

He can't love
She don't understand
He never being loved
She never grew with love
They say that she'll break your heart...

Both youngsters
Living in a movie
They smirk, they don't understand
How you can love
Something that is broken
Inside and out....

Your a patient guy
She full of roaing pain
Sill you be that
"Patient guy".....
101 · Apr 2019
Random quote
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
It a sad and beautiful world
96 · Apr 2019
How to win life
Nsmith15 Apr 2019
Rule 1: don't use your heart
Rule2: your brain is your strength to survive.
Love is rare when there so much hate in the air you breathe
No one cares
No one decides
No one knows their fate
Days will go by
People die so new life is enters
Year's and years
People go by being confused about their purpose in life
Nothing to you is clear
Nothing in your heart except fear
Love is a rare combination
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