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  Oct 2019 N
These words are for me,
For I'm the one who's hurting,
I'm just healing myself.
I often wonder why we can't understand other's poems sometimes, but deep down it is the one who writes it knows the value of it.
  Oct 2019 N
Rachel Gosby
To take care of thing's
To take away all your worries.
To open your eyes to new thing's
To protect you from harm.
To understand you with a clear mind.
To love you like your the only one in the world.
To always take care of your heart.
To believe in all of your dreams.
To never mistreat you.
To always have your back, no matter what.
To open your mind to new possibilities.
To build, and grow with you.
To never make you feel worthless.
To show you that there is always a way out of no way.
To always keep my promise.
To always make you feel important.
To never let you go.
so no matter what's going on in life, I always want you to
trust in me!
trusting in people could be hard to do, but as long as you have faith in poeple there will never be hard to trust in anyone in the world.
N Oct 2019
You reassured my decision
I made firmly and wisely
to not let you in
A monster you are
the worst kind
you'll perish with that attitude
of scorn, loath and hate
You think you're being a hero
as you take the breath of innocent souls away
You walk in darkness
I held onto the delusion
that you weren't the demon
you could be grace
But as the time on the clock
rotates in a slow ticking circle
I see that you sir are my biggest hurdle
Getting the thoughts of you out
that are flooding my mind
you are the master of erasing time
I ponder
I sit
I grieve
I once let the scare tactics you had
control me
but with time and fate
I'm afraid to say
with a bit of Gods grace
you'll never see the day
N Oct 2019
It is morning time
The air feels crisp
Time to tidy up
There's so much to do
The baby squalls,
Alerted of the noise of the vacuum cleaner,
He needs some attention
At last,
Things can wait
These are the glory days
as they say
"Babies don't keep"
and children don't stay little for long
N Oct 2019
She whispered
Get lost in the breeze
Enjoy this moment
Let time freeze
Live in the present
Forget the foreseen
Events of the future
Just let be
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