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Max Neumann
M/Inner Shelter    Writing poetry since 2002
F/NJ    ** like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would **
22/F/i'm not really sure    i'm just trying to learn
Sxdboiii is just a label
16/Gender Fluid/💖 Pansexual    Sadness is fucking overrated
18/The Void    心痛
20/Neither/Hell    at the end of everything, hold on to anything
Dany The Girl
24/F/Cali    My brain is soup.
26/F/93427    Poetry is my life. I strive to write better every day, and hope that sharing my poetry will encourage me to write more.
25/Canada    i write sins not tragedies?
16/F/Rwanda    Poetry from within~♡~ God_over_everything
Jacob Parnell
24/M/Michigan    Lives in Michigan, looking for a community of writers to help me improve.
14/Bigender/California    My Name Is Noah But That's Just My Name. In love with an Angel.
Tanisha Jackland
111/F/is still getting old.    Here
Smith Legrande
20/M/Kenya    Poet/spoken word artist/guitarist/
Eric daw
15/M/sanford nc    idk much about poetry but i like it it helps me express what im thinking just a kid expressin myself
Call me Oliver
M/Dream    These are most of my life diary entries. Take most of them with a grain of salt. I’ll leave my most deepest and loving of ...
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