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Eric daw Feb 2019
Be Regimented with Meals Prior to Lighting Up. ...
Keep Yourself Busy. ...
Get the Taste Out of Your Mouth. ...
Try a Different Strain. ...
Rid Yourself of Temptation… ...
…And Prepare for Inevitable Snacking. ...
Exercise Beforehand to Make Up for Vegging. ...
Use the Munchies to Your Advantage.
Eric daw Feb 2019
My mother , my friends so dear
throughout my life your near
a tender smile to guide my way
your the sunshine to light my day
yes it is short..
Eric daw Feb 2019
where the fools are lying
and the meek are crying
where the wolves are preying
on the weak alone

where the sons are dying
hear their mothers crying
and the distant sound of fire begins again
  Jan 2019 Eric daw
Touch me like an angel
I'm the only sinner in this dark room

The moon
I can't see

Walls all around me

No your love can't free me

dressed in red

I'm living a year behind
everyone is ahead of time

I'm trapped in a storm

You bathe me in holy water
I can't understand it

I love you to a limit
never to far

Change my mind

I'm climbing walls
to the see the stars

I just want to reach the horizon
I don't want to come back

I have tainted hands
I'll corrupt you
I'll save you tonight in bed

Let this go to waste

I won't ever go back
Eric daw Jan 2019
spent a long time wondering what ive did wrong
wondering if i really belong
but i realized if u keep worrying ur problems will only get bigger like king kong
ive told myself im gonna change before nut its finally time
ive been falling its time to climb
back to a good spot
back to a spot where i didnt have alot
but i had enough happiness to make it through my day
if god will help me i shall pray
Eric daw Dec 2018
i used to hear voices
they told me to make bad choices
they told me i wasn't any good
they told me id never be understood
i let them control me
but there was a spark i couldn't see
someone who believed i was strong
someone who made me feel like i belong
someone to show me love
someone to bring me above
all the pain
just before i went insane
she came just before
i went up in blood an gore
how she change me i'm not really sure...
Eric daw Dec 2018
Idk anymore
my mind is sore
to much in my head
makes me wish i was dead
thoughts r getting loud
i just wanna get lost an never be found
my minds spinning round
staying high
high above the sky
it keeps my mind clear
makes me feel like i have nothing to fear
my thoughts r rotting my brains core
i just dont know ANYMORE
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