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 Dec 2019 Mimi
Dear beautiful evergreen
rooted down in the field
strongly upholding itself
like it has an impenetrable shield

The one that has experienced blazing summers
and freezing winters
not only seen warfare
but watched it from the center
winds blew it west and east
but it never went left or right
had blood on its leaves
but never got into a fight

Dear beautiful evergreen
That stands there all yearlong
keep your roots rooted
and continue to be strong
 Dec 2019 Mimi
Jennifer Powell
a bitter blade's first cut
will never be its last
a self-fulfilling prophecy
an echo of the past

its song still makes me sing
a whisper hardly missed
remembering the harmonies
retaining my clenched fists

there are too many broken strings
to play another song
still the music swells inside my walls
it's not a question to play along

I'd be more afraid if the music stopped
what if I forget all the words?
memories deafened through roaring silence
unsure of melodies I'd misheard

I still hear its hum inside my head
as hard as I try to forget
a question of whether it's now or forever
undoubted, hard-earned regret
 Dec 2019 Mimi
You don’t decide who
Will make your heart race.
The corners of your lips just
Upturn so suddenly
That you only notice your smile
When you step forward and feel
The cement  pieces
Of a shattered frown
On the ground beneath your feet.
-what the first taught me
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