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To all the times I held you
To all the times I cried
To all the times you hurt me
To all the times you lied
To all the times you screamed my name 
and the times I screamed yours back
To every bruise you gave me 
and for every bone you cracked.

To every name you called me
as your blows rained from above
To the corner that I cowered in
as you dealt out your "love"
To your friends that saw the battle scars and quickly turned away
To the drink that made you do it
even on your sober days.

I raise this glass to you my love
in thanks for all you've done
it took a while but now I see
that you're the damaged one
So when you're feeling lonely
Don't spare a thought for me
I cower there no longer
Your anger set me free.
Breath like wind
always coming, going
disappearing words written on a mirror
as you breathe, so shall love leave
words will reappear amidst foggy steam
only traces, of a heart remain
this longing, this rebirth and dying
brief our days, love we cannot grasp
nothing won or lost - all is impermanence
 Jun 2014 Michael W Noland
In coloring books; doesn't it always look better when you cross the color barriers?
 Jun 2014 Michael W Noland
Alan and his whine-
strimming nx doors grass
Enough to send one to the pub-
or the very least rush to close all windows
I can recall a simpler time
when just spelling was the problem.
But now D.C. has doubled down
and is really scraping bottom.

What did the humble Potato do
To draw Pelosi’s ire.?
Why are white potatoes banned
From school lunches I inquire?

Sweet Potatoes are welcome still
on school kids’ lunchtime plates.
But Idaho’s may not be served-
That makes Michelle irate.

Baked, mashed or fried There’s good inside
the humble white potato.
Potatoes of color are welcome too
upon my dinner table.

The Tuber is a starchy treat
with vitamins and fiber.
Whatever will the Irish eat
If you toss it in the Tiber?
( The Tiber mentioned here is a tributary of the Potomac river in Washington D.C.) Republican Reps from Idaho are attempting to reverse a proposed ban on white potatoes  from the school lunch program.
Jesus, requested men to follow him.
Pointing out all the things he could do for them.

I'm requesting you to follow me to love.
I will educate you on, what love was?
And what I hope for it to come?
Or to be.
So follow me.

All these words will be encompassed within love.
Caring, sharing, understanding and yes forgiveness.
So follow me to love.

We say the word.
Except many doesn't live up to it.
The instant something upset us.
Out comes the rudeness of hate.

So follow me to love.

It will be surreal.
But real, it should be.
It should be supreme.
For love will forever reign.

Serenity will be involve to bring tranquility to your heart.

You will control.
And seek multiple ways to express it.
After all, you will control it.

So I'm simply requesting you, my love.
To follow me to love.

Its within me waiting for you.
As I wake up to the voices that haunt me
I put on my armor and walk barefoot through fire
Throw myself at the enemy, see it weaken at my gaze
And let hell break loose within, as it paints chaos
With the bold shades of my blood.
I wake up to the sounds of cries strangling my throat,
Crimson hued nightmares rooting itself in my sleep.
Death adorns the form of a savage hunter
Weakened by its strength, I fall under its tide.
But, I stand up again and I walk into fire.
How else can I understand death if I cannot fight myself
And know what is deemed worthy of my every breath.
How else can I understand myself,
If I do not know why I truly am worth all this fight.
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