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Nov 2015 · 759
Michael W Noland Nov 2015
You weep, I wept

slept in
until the earliest of hours

you watched me walk into the sun
Nov 2015 · 908
the gaze
Michael W Noland Nov 2015
My rhyme, my reason
your reasons

are beyond me now

my wildest dreams
Apr 2015 · 704
His sad song
Michael W Noland Apr 2015
Your  pain, it is perfect, so pretty when you hurt.Your hurt, so patient, so beautiful in your blur, so beautiful when you're blue, my awe, your sad eyes, all I feel is you, all I feel is, you.

You  sing those sad songs, those songs of truth, those truths of sad songs, the truths I see in you, a moth to a flash light, all I see is you, all I hear is, you, dark in your light now, you are still, my truth.

The  pain so perfect, always be with you, the pain so poetic, its always been for you, life has changed now, even without you, you live inside now, the space I saved for you.
Apr 2015 · 749
Glass house
Michael W Noland Apr 2015
I keep hearing about this glass house
having only lived
after plucking
the glass

who am I
to doubt the tale
with a rock in my hand
leaving bloodied glass in my trail
Mar 2015 · 936
just the flame
Michael W Noland Mar 2015
I am not tempted, nor am I inspired, by the fire anymore
I've hard wired my tired wars, to my tired words
burnt up by dying worlds, until matured

No burn in the flame
no excitement
nor shame

no N0th1ng, but the fire
no wishes, nor desires

just the flame
Dec 2014 · 583
no more
Michael W Noland Dec 2014
This night, so unsightly
dampened in the light
darkened by the days
dimmed by the bright
but this night
it's mine
to bide my days
in and of my love
but not stay

oh lord, oh lord
I'm born unto horns
my love, my life
my warnings, my war
oh the lorn, the lorn
my love turned to scorn
tonight, for a night
I am torn toward more

no more
no more
-no more
Dec 2014 · 487
Galactal Idgit 1.0
Michael W Noland Dec 2014
I live on a planet that will eat you
No matter your thoughts nor your ego
With seven billion people
All of them evil
Blood lusting, dumb
or deceitful

They will defeat you

I live on a land that will feed you
But to beat you,
Freeze you
To build you,

A machine

A machine that harvests energy
from the trees
But only to leash you
To lead you,
upon the

But to deplete you
To fill you

of these


I live in a prison system
In a solar driven orbit
In a spinning piston
of an engine
that absorbs



is a
collision course set
Forced in motions not
born yet

A speeding galaxy
ending on its

An ocean of matter
serving as a

A banner
filled of skeptics
and of prophets

Even the nonsense
of our profits

Is prospect

to the progress
of a faucet

where it


of it


Michael W Noland Aug 2014
I can separate fact from fiction,
one is heaven
the other
a prison

Which is what, is in intuition,
and I'm missing it, mostly
but that's your religion
Aug 2014 · 440
Michael W Noland Aug 2014
I saw a star that sliced the sky,
and to my surprise
it sliced twice

thrice the flash,
I rubbed
my eyes,

was warned

I saw a cloud that filled the sky,
and to my reprise
its light was

lightning flashed
I rubbed
my eyes,

was formed

I saw the sun
inside the

behind a cloud
and inside
a wound,


I was
Jul 2014 · 492
none is heard
Michael W Noland Jul 2014
I can be a worm in the sun sometimes,
shouting with my squirms.

Where every single wiggle rhymes,
and every syllable burns.
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Michael W Noland Jun 2014
I could light a fire
to the things
I've grown tired of and leave,
of no commitment,
nor need.
Jun 2014 · 605
Plucking Flowers
Michael W Noland Jun 2014
There are, endemic intricacies, in these, precinctive dreams, I weave, where perforated seas give way to ever changing islands, that if seen, cease to be, unique.

And there is, this feeling of sadness that gives to it, a meaning, a silence, so subtly fit in, a violence inside it that soothes in the end, as the islands, the islands, they sink, but rise again.

And if, I am to write it, I right it, to ride it, into dust, and these dreams, this sea, may only see it for thine ends, merely to feel it, is to say it, is to share it, beyond the fence.

But I keep what I ****, and silence, my defense,  whispering of islands, then drowning in theirs depths, bringing the light unto darkness, and darkness unto the dust of my breaths.
May 2014 · 556
spill it
Michael W Noland May 2014
It's here
Here in the moment

staring into that screen

tap it out
spill it now


Don't let it go
nor let it know

you're recording

but absord it
and store it in


Let it fill your glands
your heart, your blood
then hands

but give it room
to breathe

Can't want
can't crave

can't cave to need

can't break
nor take the dream

can't take it

where it doesn't
want to be

You'll get it
where it's going

just allow it to be

Ten too many
and babbling
May 2014 · 883
Easy Street
Michael W Noland May 2014
I back peddle from a paper pedestal, hoping for the best, hoping you don't intend to inspect the wreckage I have left.

I am temptation at its test, an exclamation on contempt, collecting the regrets to my exemptions under stress.

A misnomer to my bets, against the better judgments I neglect, I'm set in my ways, in lucid forays, I've let from my veins,

and I've slept, the whole ******* way.
Apr 2014 · 693
~ spaced
Michael W Noland Apr 2014
I see the lot, denominated in slots, automated in spots, weakest to the plot, and I'm not, convinced it is wrong, nor minced in my longing for a song, a song to the sum, to the sun, to the one unto the ones unto none, nada, nothing, but a hum from beyond, a rumbling from a haunt, stumbling from a heart, belonging to a spark that departed a long-long time ago, where it started, and I'll go-go back there for the harp, for the halo, for the art of it, standing on the stars, apart, but a part of it, I'll go for the horns, for the dark, and for the parts discarded, I will, try my hardest, to remain in progress, a battery that charges for the harvest of the starkest of the larvae unto the fiercest flies, unto spider webs in fragile skies, finite lines up high, where I'll die knowing I flew, die knowing the truth, the use, the abuse, the ruse, the heights of my sight, igniting in the lie, in the cries, so distant now, but a distinctive growl from yesteryear's child so mild, so wild as to be outed by a new sound, so profound as to drown the complexity out, and simply shout from anyone's mouth, reading out-loud and clear, my cloud, my thoughts, my fear, left right here on a single space, where I placed it and saved it away in the seventh day of this resting case, that is all but closed, a screen saver transposed as knowns exposed, and I'm aroused in knowing the doubts are clothed in lace, soaked on display for my placation's of our days, the daze, hazily grazing on the safe, the fates, locked in a slate, for later placement to a shape, I'm hate, wrapped in a hopeful taste, waiting for a saying to say it all,  ~ I'm spaced.
Apr 2014 · 768
whatever it is
Michael W Noland Apr 2014
I am sorry, and you are sorry, we can make up in the morning, wake up in our torment, go back to bed and do it all again, before the storm hits, as it's the fragile moments that make this what it is, and it's, beautiful,  ~ whatever it is.
Apr 2014 · 787
An Endtroduction ~
Michael W Noland Apr 2014
I cannot
not compute,
this beauty, it's all around you,
as it can only exist in you,

surrounded in your shades,
your observation unto its grace,

this world,
you make,

It's why I'll make,

looking to your lines, your curves,
defining you by sight, tracing starlight,
then eyes, that shine unto mine,

as life becomes life's
worth living.

The heavens we can trace,
with but a glance to the place,
where by chance we will paint,
on the same lines of a space,
occupied by a fate,
between the times,
that we made,
and bang,

the endtroduction.

But faster, and fast-err, or,
can't not, not, compute,
bigger, better, more, and more,

the fabric,
it dilutes,

pouring from a door,
on another side,
doing just fine,

no further

than the sky.
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
The black eye.
Michael W Noland Apr 2014
It may be in error,
but it's in
the air

in my daring,
of her

and still of no detriment,

to my caring for her glare,
when she caught me there,
eyes closed,
sniffing her


as to her presence,
her elegance,
her observational,

through her fare

Unhindering my endearing,
to her scent,
in exemption,

as she's staring
unto my intent'
and simply

She, the beautiful mess,
in a light sweat,
on a peach
beautiful flesh,

as her alluring

took me
where i haven't been



Mar 2014 · 522
Michael W Noland Mar 2014
Invisible divisions of permissible

      envisioned to see
the mission through.

Missing trains but passing through, watching me
    watching you.

   reprehensible vessels
to my ventricle center

     on your bettered batch of *******
jet purpulsing slips of lips

My grips,
    our grip
       on whatever this is.

           My bliss,
      your numbness,


    as blood
in moonlight is,

   ~ black.
Mar 2014 · 461
Michael W Noland Mar 2014
Earths aura

more beholden
  to a fortress
for a foreign sort
   of torturer

held back
  by a molten sphere

Told in tales of total delves
  into toiled shelves of ice
that whisper nicety
  while hiding
  in rings


Frozen finites
  forgotten twice

in two

cradling hues
  into truths
  one day


~ you
Mar 2014 · 376
from my mouth
Michael W Noland Mar 2014
One by one
the lights went dim.

The hallway darkened,
as the cold crept in.

Word for word,
we wrote on the wall.

I wailed and fought,
but wrote it all.

Scrawled in squalor,
I spelled it out.

His name the same
and whispered loud,

~ from my mouth.
Feb 2014 · 3.4k
Michael W Noland Feb 2014
I'm a space man
Doing space man ****
I'm a space man
With a space man ship

I'm in a space ship
Doing space ship ****
I'm in a space ship
With a space suit, *****!

I'm a space walkin
Space talkin
Space casin space man, *****!

And I'm just a cadet

A space cadet
With space man jets
Doing space cadet ****

A space racin space man
Doing space man ****

Mother ******
Spaceman, *****

Takin a spaceman ****

Feb 2014 · 2.3k
Michael W Noland Feb 2014
I could be the quiet guy, standing just outside your door at night, or maybe a monster if you'd prefer, I could slaughter your dog while you are at work, or might I just observe?  ~Neighbor
Feb 2014 · 245
Her sound
Michael W Noland Feb 2014
I said her name enough for the word to empty, enough to fill it up with the mere sounds made into the shapes that make me who I am, and today, she whispered my name until I was awake.  ~Her sound
Feb 2014 · 411
Michael W Noland Feb 2014
Devotchka in my ear
And ***** in my gut
I'm transcending the years
Just waiting for my bus

I hope it never comes
I hope it drives right passed
Hope it flips atop bums
Under the overpass

But it does stop for me
Right smack nab on the dot
And as I am boarding
I drop change in the slot

I'm walking down the aisle
I want a back seat badly
I'm returning all these smiles
But I am fracturing

And I got forty blocks
I got forty stupid stops
To find a frickin seat
But standing room only

Feb 2014 · 1.0k
Michael W Noland Feb 2014
The return ~

It was a trackless railway
In the woods

A bit misunderstood

And secluded

It was illusionious
In its imprints

Its indentations
Of footsteps
In sections
In phantoms
In half

And in glints of stimuli
I widened my eyes

In my
From feeble mindedness


In rhymes
In rows
In times

And in places

But this one time
It was just different

As I

Signed the sky
In denial
Of the price

And paid nothing

Feb 2014 · 1.2k
Michael W Noland Feb 2014
I'm a ninja!

And I dont mess around!

I got ninja stars!

And Im ninja duty bound!

I drive ninja cars!

And patrol the *****ty towns!

Im a mother flubbin NinjAAAa!!!!

Get all karatee mannng!

A really stealthy NINJAAAA!

Get all karrate man!

A gosh darned ....




Boo, see!

I got cha!

I told you!






Jan 2014 · 479
Michael W Noland Jan 2014
There once was a spaceman
Who crafted many a ship
He lined them all up
And filled them with kids
Plotted their courses
And gave them good sense
And 10,000 years later
They completed their trips

They depleted their planets
And planted a script
Escaping back home
In tow the whole bit
Proudly abundant
They had all hit it rich
And Noahn was brimming
With the pride of success

Though he lost very few
To stress or neglect
His ships were a many
So many did miss
And some kids were abandoned
But they are building a bridge
Back to the blackness
Where Noahn once lived
Jan 2014 · 571
Go beyond
Michael W Noland Jan 2014
Go beyond~

We could count the stars
Farthest from the start
To find an end

But we could get the bends
Ascending even, its density

Jan 2014 · 451
Michael W Noland Jan 2014

We could spark a fire
In our carnal wiring
Until we tire
In the shame

Or we could all be one
All be the same

And strange-ly uncreative

Jan 2014 · 575
Michael W Noland Jan 2014

I have a jar
Where I keep
To help me
Sleep at night

I count the flutters
From under
My covers

The jar is
Air tight

Jan 2014 · 545
Michael W Noland Jan 2014
Insipid are interests indulged
The tease is the tether
The seasons, the weather
In severance made better

Jan 2014 · 586
The box
Michael W Noland Jan 2014
The box~

I keep a razor
In a wooden box

With pictures
Trinkets, jewelry
And lochs

It's under my bed

I keep it locked
And lost the key

But all the faces
Are still in my head


Jan 2014 · 733
I witsh
Michael W Noland Jan 2014
Give me a bathysphere
And I could disappear
Go way down under
Away from the blunders
Maybe drink a beer

Let me have a hot air balloon
To float over and loom
Above the burning cities
Pouring shots of pity
Into the plumes

I Want to breathe in the sea
So I can just be
Alone at the bottom
Adjusting the volume
To a lower frequency

And I wish I could fly
Just run and jump into the sky
Shedding my clothes
While flexing a pose
I would go sooo

[Fckng High]
Nov 2013 · 1.3k
Michael W Noland Nov 2013
Mickey was a murderer
Malevolent and heartless
Likely killed a courier
Tempted by his progress
Made to feel inferior
Delivering the knowledge
His emptied eyed exterior
Empowering the bosses
Always had an an opened ear
Could reinact the process
Always tried to keep it clear
He filtered out the nonsense
Always had a deagle near
Mickeys thoughts were loss less
Always ordered steak and beer
As he slithered from the charges
Always knew the ends as cure
But begginings were the hardest
The waters ever murkier
And fogging up his goggles
Never feared what's lurking there
The details were his doctorate
He knew who was what
And what was where
The devils were his hostages
Only hostile to his care
As he spelled it out with markers
Only rich to others fare
He was cleaning out their closets
As only those who know who dared
Know how they finally lost him
Nov 2013 · 431
Michael W Noland Nov 2013
Women weaponize love
And the men
They eat it up
Until the girl
Has had enough
And the men
Are left with nothing
But their

Nov 2013 · 440
and still
Michael W Noland Nov 2013
The wires
Are exposed

But seldom skewed

The bulb
It is bursting

Banging through

The walls
That are burning

Breaking in hues

In clouds to skies
Framed in cubes

In the end
It's the logic

That murders you

A translucent tie
To the bindings of a fool

The buoyant bull
Who knew the rules

[And still]
Nov 2013 · 880
Michael W Noland Nov 2013
Sometimes I've had about enough
All these ******* buttercups

Puckering up
At the first scent of gruff

It's disruptive
To my mustering

I mean

Must we
Smother trouble out of ****

Must we malfunction
Into a skit

A script

To laugh tracks

Until the last laughs

Where the curtains close
To fading claps

All the cards
Are all on the floor

Little adorable torturers

Peering through the doors
Afforded by our tor-mentors

Over it
We will get

Even get on with it

Cuz all of this
This is that and that is this

Is ******* ridiculous
Is worthless

It is foulness in its stench
The bowels of our regret

Unkempt and ******
It's ******* soaked in ****

Where the credits never roll
And the patrons only stroll
On outta here for a beer
And a night on the town

And all this

Flapping of the gums
And slathering of spit

Is glossing over my ****
And it's all we will ever get

If we would just submit

Wipe the sand from our *****
And remove the ******* sticks

We might find
We have loosened up a bit

Just don't be such a little *****
And other inflammatory ****

[That's it]
Oct 2013 · 716
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
If this fog is not the most ominous, beautifulist, dangerlious, and mostest lovliest thing in the world, than I be golly goshed darned for Id happy hurl for not much more than now.

Oct 2013 · 442
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
Some can see the frame
And some can see the paint
Some can see the places
And some can see a face
Some can see the love
While others see the hate

I can see the walls
And I can see the hooks
I can hear the calls
To tell me where to look
And I can write the rules
But won't always sell the book

And you could be the one
The diamond in the rough
You could be the sun
That burns away the bluffs
We could play it dumb
And I will call it love

They will call you art
And I will call you None
You could be my carving
And you could be my blood
I could spill my heart
And paint another One
Oct 2013 · 774
Apart from me
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
He was all he could be
All he ever wanted to be

Spectating society

From the back seat
Of the two fifty three

Watching himself biking
Through the street

Happily climbing
Up the trees

Writing poetry
And smoking ****

He was exactly
Where he intendid to be

[Apart from me]
Oct 2013 · 482
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
Crusting tears
Across her face

With blood and bone
And tones of hate

Atop the toppled tower
She waits

She climbed the crumbles
To signal space

She waits on flowers
To take her place

But she is
Too late

The skies are

Oct 2013 · 358
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
Let it all bleed out
Strewn around
And about

Shine out
From the ins
You have found

But never doubt
Or droun
In pouting out

Just be about it

About the stuff you love
And a part of it

Dully apart from it

Stand alone in a storm
With no phone
Or horn

To form

Your own opinion
Oct 2013 · 492
Just Super
Michael W Noland Oct 2013

Zero Uno

Hears no
Ear fulls

Fears no
Beers whole

Strolls all over here

But Zero Uno
Zeroed on fools gold

Yonder uno upon a pier

Where Nero
And Brunno

Steer those
Heros clear

And you know

Oct 2013 · 485
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
Cursing his servitude

His service slipped
From hand to fist

To down right rude

So they slit his wrist
And grabbed at his kit

As even with
This change
In attitude

He started to shoot

As he slowly moved
From room
To room

Until tomb quiet

Mere cinders of a riot
He laid inside em
And sighed

One last time


It was

Oct 2013 · 776
Trailin off
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
Counting strands in laces

Tucking the dangleys
Into my boot

The spaces
From the chain

As I Peddle away
In the rain

Makin the same

Light headed

Fading into

By this spaceship
And riding it

Into the wind

In its glint

In the ambiance

Unto the stretches
Fetching this

Fire inside

While I

The back roads

Dark and cold
And alone

I'm riding home

Hoping for
The worst
Oct 2013 · 602
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
It's a fragile balancing act
To stay on track

With all these
From my
Distractions impact

Its impact
On the blurring depictions
Of pictures burned
In fictions past

Frames so perfect
They cracked
Oct 2013 · 483
Michael W Noland Oct 2013
Honesty exists
But in anonymity

And only

In the evenness
Of blinded enemies

May the blind really see
The truth

Analytically obtuse

As in truth
There is only
What is

In front of you

All the rest
Is moot

Sep 2013 · 303
More or less
Michael W Noland Sep 2013
The more you know
The more you dont
The more you do
The more you won't

The less you care
The less you hate
The less you love
The less you take

The more you speak
The less you say
The more you leave
The less you stay

The less you read
The more you see
The less you need
The more you succeed

And more is less
And less is more
And more or less
The moral is
Sep 2013 · 756
The Ick
Michael W Noland Sep 2013
Floundering on the brink

The rain storm

Flexing to break free

Go ahead and rain on me
Go and raise the streams

Go ahead and drain from me
Go and take my steam

Splish splash
Gonna change my ways

Pish posh
Better move out the way

Split splat
To the slip slap

This ...
To that

Thunder claps
After the fact

Gon have to pay

Gonna build my base
Goin to make my stay

Gone and done
Going to go away

Wait it out
For a sunny day
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