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 Feb 2017 Mike Hack
Mike Hauser
At first he takes your hand
Leads you gently across the sand
Takes his time in his long stride
As you consider him a friend

In thoughts of younger days
He seems to stand in place
With knowing smile he crimps your style
As you have no need to wait

Then in the blinking of an eye
Time quickly slides you by
Now holding hands in the swirl of quicksand
Too many questions as to why

Coming to the age old turn
Finding you're too far immersed
And the crooked line with father time
Has finally run its course
 Nov 2016 Mike Hack
I will open my chest wide to You
the doors must swing
and every gross and delicate thing
let the cleansing air come rushing in
the blazing light reach its fingers
and penetrate each moldy corner
I will remove these old and broken bones
long lain limp upon the floor
and write Your name on every wall
 Nov 2016 Mike Hack
 Nov 2016 Mike Hack
An ember
A second away from being extinguished
An instant away from a spark

While the world works
To ***** us out
We maintain our warmth

These obstacles
Simply fuel
To our fire

Perhaps to them
We are not a threat
But forest fires
Start with a spark
Don't you underestimate me, darling.
Your heart has trembled to my tongue,
Your hands in mine have lain,
Your thought to me has leaned and clung,
Again and yet again,
My dear,
Again and yet again.

Now die the dream, or come the wife,
The past is not in vain,
For wholly as it was your life
Can never be again,
My dear,
Can never be again.
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