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Grace Oct 5
You are thick
And I mean no compliment

Getting through you
Is wading in quick sand
When no ones
That skilled of a swimmer

I collected red flags
From you
As if I were going to
Create a runaway
To always lead you
Waving please come back home

If you don’t remember
I can remind you
I bottled your anger up on shelves
They shake back and fourth
Without any wind

Rewrite our history
If it soothes you
Just know
I now
See through you
Grace Feb 23
Don’t be fooled,
I smile and bite
With the same teeth

The soft lips

Trailing down your neck

Can pierce your jugular
Like a peach

Don’t be fooled,
This honeysuckle sweet

Turns to poison when need be

See my gentle heart

Can flip to hard


Don’t be fooled,

I’ve leave just as quickly
As I came

A fleeting thought

Leaving you whispering
My ******* name
Grace Feb 15
I can feel it boiling
Brewing like a storm
Pebbles turn to boulders
In my gut

Is it rage
Or a sadness
We can't name

Perhaps a whirlpool
Or a tornado
That will tear down
This whole ******* town

Caution tape
Will not suffice
Run for your ******* life
Do not try me
Grace Jan 31
You've entered into my home
With mud on your feet
Stomping carelessly

But there is no rawer form
Than me with my art
It is not a piece of the puzzle
It's a chunk of my heart

It is laying naked before you
In the most intimate way
It is peeling back my ribcage

And here you are
To infiltrate my safe space
You entitled
Little snake
Believe me, darling
This was your greatest mistake
******* Creep
Grace Jan 30
I never knew a love
So gentle
Until you

A tenderness so unfamiliar
Waiting for the shoe to drop
But it never did

Loving you
Has been unlearning
Anticipating reactions
That will never happen

Loving you
Has been accepting
That I deserve healthy
I deserve gentle
I deserve you
Because you are more wonderful than I ever imagined or thought I deserved
Grace Jan 30
There is nothing more beautiful
Than the power
Of the human body

The twitch of a muscle
Flexing behind taught skin
To do what you've asked of it

The rush of crimson
Flushing cheeks
When a loved one
Is in close proximity

The awareness
Of who occupies a space
The quick ability to analyze
"Are we safe?"

The pounding of hearts
Racing in tandem
Entangled in covers

The intricacies of our bodies
Are profound
How could we believe
We were anything less than absolute
When you can't sleep in Kansas...
Grace Jan 8
I tried to dance with the devil
But they weren't ready for me
The next time around
You are first in line they said
The fast track to the coffin
Or ashes on your mantle
But they weren't finished with me yet

Death was never inviting
Nor was it daunting
Hell had a welcome mat
And home was overflowing with your bones

They always said
"There's more than this"
An aching dull
That you can't quite place
A numbness that rings
Echos between your ribs
A lack of certainty
Or safety
That is bone deep

It took half a decade
To unpack the ideas
You boxed into my head
My voice has shut yours out
Drawn the blinds on the window
And I will never look back
It does get better
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