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Blood may be thicker than water,
But i'd rather drown at sea,
Than confined within these walls,
Amidst people forced to love me.
Drown at sea; not a literal preference for death but rather a desire to be immersed by water than blood.
We know the road but still we're lost,
Amidst the fruit, the flames, the dust,
With just the names they gave to us,
Time cannot forsake you.

Born in summer, raised in rain,
What once was black be black again,
And words shall not return to them,
Time cannot forsake you.

Forever trapped in silent truth,
The pleading man weeps without use,
The final door, let slip the noose,
Time has not forsook you.

Think no more of fear, of fate,
No mind at war to love our hate,
All will rest with us this day,
For this is paradise.
There are no bars,
Its still a prison:

My little blue bird.
Softly sing in my ear
So your song may flood my person.

Amidst your music there is no wind,
Breezes cease around you.
Floating with my feathered friend on the quiet calms of desensitised  living.

I see of your gracefulness, other eyes are not so kind:
Brittle men and rigid woman.
They've never heard you sing.

Still my heart and close my eyes;
And Sing me all your lullabies.
Oh Little bird o' feathers blue,
In my ear shes hums her tune.

I beg dont fly, Stay at my side
a harsh world sits beneath you.
Without a song, i hear outside
The people make me lonely.

I need you back, come to my window,
And sing to me of empty days,
i recede at peace and just observe,
With numb songs from my little bird.

My little
blue, bird.
She only sings a single word.

May time please not forget her.
  Nov 2016 Mike Hack
brian odongo
When I was two years old
The sun was just ball of fire that in the sky rolled
The full moon was a round stone in the dark sky
I knew mum and dad would never say bye
The kindergarten teacher taught kids were bought
Many of our favorite heroes were mostly cops
Every guy behind bars was a dangerous criminal
And what the minister stood for was biblical
All who went to church had no stain
Friends would never cause us pain
We enjoyed playing with dirt
Many times fell from tree and were hurt
We knew our leaders would bring peace
And our childhood fancies would never cease

Today with radiance I turned twenty and two
Our nearest star was full of radiance too
The spring night was lit with moon rays
Mom and dad could not agree so they parted ways
My friend had a baby girl with his bride
And our cops executed law according to tribe
The civil right activist was wrongfully convicted
The ministers no longer care for those afflicted
My pagan neighbor and parishioners are all the same
And for my latest pains my friends are mostly to blame
The doctor said dirt was the cause of my diseases
And I had to avoid it to reduce my medical fees
Our politicians masterminded our newest wars
And adulthood came early with too many chores
Wrote this on my twenty second birthday. How I view the world had greatly changed how I used to see it when I was just two years old
  Nov 2016 Mike Hack
brian odongo
I know not where I shall find love
By the foots of the mountain or on the plains of clove
Where the oak trees shed their green blades on the brown grass
Perchance by the deserted road where lays the heap of trash

I know not when I shall find love
During spring when April showers bring may flowers
When wintry chilling cold bites the white earth
When the woods glow of amber in the hearth

I know not how I will find love
Through divine appointment or by strove
Whether from a recent friend or a foe of past days
May be from stranger met by labyrithine ways

I know not why I will find love
Whether possessed passions will cause me to move
To seek the friendship of some lovely lass
May be just another ritual of life to pass

Whether in known or unknown places
Whether in familiar or strange faces
Whether time is constant or flies like a dove
I one day shall find love
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