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Zank Feb 2020
Zank May 2019
Zipping through darkness
at unbelievable pace,
through what we call space

We are all so small,
Simply insignificant.
God, give us a sign.

This small blue marble
may hold all life possible
but we know it'll end.

Keep marching forward,
Brothers, Sisters united.
Alone together
wait is this an actual haiku? its a poem too ****
Zank May 2019
"happy birthday, Grandpa"
As I sat with my family,
all those I hold dear
celebrating my 83rd year

A single thought came to me-
1936, on this very day
Sirens screaming in my ear
Wrecked buildings, far and near

Everyone ran for cover
Ma seized my hand with a vice-like grip
and ushered me, left to right.
I, so foolish, so innocent, so naive.

"Where is Pa?" No answer.
Blood, Blood everywhere.
From whom? What was going on?
All the chaos, a monster that was out to hunt

Angry sounds- Bang and Boom!
Waiting patiently in the humid cave
"Where is Pa?" I ask again. Ma breaks down
Everyone waited for the signal, but I waited for my father

He never came back.
No one will get me, today will never understand.
As gently as my poem started, I end,
"Happy Birthday, Grandpa."

— The End —