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Melissa Rose Nov 2020
Autumn wind caresses dying leaves
coaxing them to dance with its breeze
silence nurtures their death
as the vibrancy of life recoils
red, orange and brown
lavishly ornament the earth
as slumber hushes all sound
Melissa Rose Nov 2020
Have you ever died from heartache?

Watched as grief spilled
over the edge of love
drowning the very essence
that makes you whole

Have you ever died from heartache?

Sinking into the sea
of emptiness
consumed by the darkness
as your soul fades away

Have you ever died from heartache?

Gasping, grasping, gasping for air
like old black and whites
the only memories of you
have no colour

Have you ever died from heartache?

I will

when she finally takes them
from me
I won’t bear to live
another day
Melissa Rose Nov 2020
She sang the chorus
and melancholy hues thundered
through the silence like embers
burning the emerald out of the green

Each verse a deepening
of the beginning into the end
like ash claims the earth long after
the fire has burned

Still lyrics of hope
clutched tightly to the notes
like rainbows bridge the gap
long after the storm has passed

Again, she sang the chorus
this time tears spilled over the edge
of heartache
like rain striking the heat out of the flames
Melissa Rose Nov 2020
Suspended sunlight
shimmers inside
silver ***** of magic
dancing blissfully
under arms
of naked branches
their silent melody of movement
pierce my eyes
inflicting blissful movements
Melissa Rose Nov 2020
Her head lies heavy across my chest
both grasping for closeness
her breath in rhythm with my breath
both intimately silent
her heart aches as mine aches
both dreading the distance
we are One
masquerading as two in separation
not yet noticing
Life’s infinite unfolding
we remain forever entangled;
lost in Love’s dream
of endlessly pursuing Itself
in the other
Melissa Rose Oct 2020
I am the graceless note that ruined a perfect symphony
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