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Melodie George Aug 2020
Do you miss me?

Do you wonder how well i did at school
How i handled heartbreak
Did i fill the void that you left

Do you miss us?

My sister has your people skills
I have your temper
Not sure it was a fair trade off

Do you miss me?

Moving away
Not calling
Not visiting
Forgetting that you hold a key part in our lives

Do you miss us?

I haven’t found love
Because you made me terrified of it
We share blood and yet that still wasn’t enough to make you stay
What hope do i have with anyone else

Do you miss me?
Well you shouldn’t.
Melodie George Aug 2020
Comparisons can be deadlier than a knife,
Cutting down your successes because you are drowning in your failures
Pinching at flesh
Scrubbing at teeth,
Pulling at hair.
I am happy but not happy enough
I have money but not enough money
I have friends but not enough friends
Never enough
Countdowns to dates you know are a waste of time
...Of energy
He will run out of conversations
You will run out of smiles
Moans to fill the silence
touches to fill the voids
Making love is close enough to love, right?
Smudged lipstick, clothes discarded, dignity no where to be seen.
At least someone held me.
That’s enough for now
I’ll be fine once I’m out of my twenties. My eighties will be better.
My Deathbed ruined by the flashbacks of the life i did not live.
My husband, my kids, my grandkids..
Here but...
they are not nearly as good as Carol’s or Debbie’s or Caitlyn’s.
Never Enough

— The End —