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Josh Mar 2019
She hurts because she’s hurt and,
She hurts him because she’s hurting,

She smiles without smiling and
She laughs but she’s not laughing,

She’s made a life, that she is living,
But doesn’t live, to make a living,

She starts a fight to fright her spite,
And cry’s at night despite her might

She chases her dreams,
Not materialistic things,

Talks with benevolent themes,
And of her intelligent schemes,

She loves to endorse a good cause
And forgives all flaws,

She feels on her own,
Because inside she’s alone,

But she’s always positive,
Never the opposite,

Never hear her moan.
Josh Feb 2019
It seems hopeless,
She wants to hide,

Have you ever had
A battle inside your

Have you ever had
A problem you can’t

Have you ever felt
Like all ever do is

No, cos you’re not
And you’re not me,
That don’t make us
A speciality,

I’m just saying we got
Different personality’s,
I think it’s clear to see,
She’d rather be with me,

Because you don’t get
And you don’t really fit
And I think you’ll forget

You’ll forget her needs,
She need reassurance,
Passion, trust, love, get
On your knees, marry her,
That’s what she needs,

And if you won’t do that,
Then you should leave,
Let her fall in love with me.
when one person the relationship doesn’t understand the others mental health, either change that or end it, it’s not gonna work out well
Josh Feb 2019
This girl, she saved me,
And she’s kinda wavy,
But I think I ****** it up,

All these feelings lately,
**** diving me crazy,
I really need my love,

Thought it’d all go away,
If I blocked her for days,
Thinking I didn’t love her,

Now I’m dealing with pain,
This **** never goes away,
I think I ******* love her,

But now she’s found another,
And he’s a ******* good lover,
He loves to ******* **** her,

He thinks he ******* loves her,
Never puts anything above her,
She’s thinks he really loves her,

Gets on well with her brother
And even better with the mother,
She’s found love, clear to see

She’s forgotten about me.
Josh Feb 2019
Let’s get drunk tonight,
Let’s make love tonight,

Let’s get lost tonight,
We can have a fight,

Get high as a kite,
Forget it all tonight,

Just come with me,
For the time of your life,
Josh Feb 2019
Tell me you waited
For me,
Tell me you said no,
For me,

Tell me you think,
About me,
Tell me you dream
About me,

Tell me all you want,
Is me,
And that all you need
Is me,

Hug me, touch me,
Kiss me, **** me,
Tell me you love me.

Because all I need,
Is you, because I,
Love you.
Love is so tricky, it’s a pain there to remind us how much we truly care for someone. Love is the beginning of all feeling and action, and just like Adrenalin can cause panic and excitement, love can cause joy and hurt. You experience love throughout your whole life, but only few come along that really engage in your love and feel it, keep hold of those people because the overflow of emotion and feelings can make it easy for them to fall out of your life in the confusion, and it’ll be one of the worst mistakes of your life
Josh Feb 2019
I drink too much ***** and,
I smoke too much **** and,
I don’t talk enough,
I’m too hard to read,

But I’ll be little more prepared,
And show you that I care
Because, I love you I swear.

I can cut down on my sleep,
To give what you need,
Take time and make time,
That’s a promise I’ll keep.

Accept that we did do
One thing right, except
All we did do was fight,

Hold eachother through
The night, what’s mine is
Yours and yours is mine,
I said I hated you,

I lied.
Had two unfinished poems kinda merged them, does it work or?
Josh Jan 2019
Honestly I want to put my,
Trust in you,
But you can see if I have,
Trust issues,
I’m gonna need an awful,
Lot from you,
And I really hope we can,
Make it through.
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