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Dec 2019
She’s a light in the darkness,
With ocean eyes, Indie vibes,
Loves lifes highs, tells no lies,

Stretch marks on her thighs,
Hips, ****, honesty is all she
Ever asks, a Real Woman.

Her curvy silhouette,
Slim, smooth waist,
And Impeccable taste,  

She’s gained another fan,
Had plenty of boyfriends,
But she’s never had a man,

She’s had plenty of endings,
But never love with no ends,
Affection and attention,

Thoughts and a mention,
To his friends, his family,
All that’s ever on his mind,

She’s precious, and so kind,
Straight talker, no messing,
A woman so perfect, a rare find,

There’s so much to love in her
But no one’s really loving her,
So she shows zero love in her,

So much more to loving her,
An alliance, great guidance,
Miss independent herself,

Has no need for anyone else,
She can really hold her own,
Like a queen on a thrown,

Nothing that she can’t do
Nothing that she can lose,
No one, she can’t choose

She’ll get treated well,
Get everything she deserves,
I know that she’ll prevail,

Everything that she’s learned,
I know she’ll use it well,
With her you won’t get burnt,

Her head won’t get turned,
Her heart will start the same
So if you lose her, you’re to
Never hurt a woman, physically or emotionally.
Written by
Josh  17/M/England
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