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Some might consider me a fool,
But I promise you my fidelity,
Not just till we are married,
Even as we sally forwards,
I stay as true as that sun,
In our joint life I pledge my fidelity,
And I pledge my exclusive faithfulness.
You need not feel the same for me.
This is a selfless promise, my dear.
I will never doubt your integrity.

I know that you might be angry after reading this, but I must be accepting some essential practicalities of life.

Though I feel that you are as sincere as any human beings can get,
I won't ever compare the extents or the natures of our mutual fidelity as I am no alien.

I am a **** sapiens sapiens just like you and we can get married to multiply.

I am sorry that I behave weird often, dictating you to not to talk with some people, and now I will let you experience and experiment with people's ingenuity.

My HP Poem #807
©Atul Kaushal
The smell of coffee and black sharpie fill your senses
Dragging yourself out of bed, you wrap the sheet around your naked body
Your head hurts more with every movement, every thought.

The sticky note on the door
written in small, squished, boy-like writing
"I never promised you forever."
Do the words that you rhyme still matter over time , or do they fade into the abyss like a memory you miss?
Do they fade away from you, like every friend seems to do. Not because of choice, but because of a voice,deep inside your mind, you search but never find.
Do they fill throughout your brain and exist with every pain?
Does the daylight contradict , what your nightmares constrict?
Are you afraid of today, because of what the past used to be, or fearful of the future because its a lock with no key.
Do you walk towards the light and see it in your sight! Or does darkness follow you, the light to never breakthrough?
Do you think of what could be ,if your mind could be free, Or does the darkness begin to ensue like a storm beginning brew?
Does the pain go to your brain, coursing every vein, you question if you are sane! Is this what life is to be , or is this only for me.
Do you question every thought, every sentence, every answer that could be. Why? Why do these nightmares happen to me! Is this what my life is to be ?! Or I have simply lost my balance and this is what I see.
Turn off the lights so then you can see, the darkness of a mind,
when that mind belongs to... Me
I borrowed wings ,
from the very wild unknown breeze.
im on adventures runway
taking off !!!
few lines i wrote while on my flight to Kashmir... before the flood ...dated 28/8/14'
my hands are tired from
having no purpose
so why don't you take
the load off and
slip your fingers through
You're watching, judging, and assuming
You don't understand why I do what I do. 
Why I obsess over little things.
So stop trying to
The world is my oyster
But without the beautiful pearl
Just a plain old shell, in a plain old world

It's a shame you'll never know the brilliance
All you're capable to understand is the madness.
Insane, sane
Heart, or brain
Ferocious , tame
Take two breaths and stop breathing all together.
Turn your self to useless energy, forever.

Welcome to mind of the mad.
The queen of the asylum
A dapper old castle in the brain of a girl.
Who is tortured yet pampered in her own little world.
That love poem you
are writing for your lover
is really you
writing to yourself
Everything but nothing.
He hid himself
with the shadows
of someone he adored.

He followed every step.
He watched every move.
He peeked at him
through any way possible.

And one day,
as the day turned blue
and he heard
the bamboo trees
danced with the cooling
wind of January,
he fixated himself,
fronting the mirror,
looking at the poor visage
he always wore
and realized,
*he was famished of a love
he knew he couldn't have.
this GAY LIFE *****.
The rain's still heavy here in ph - makes me think about him.
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