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30/M/Kàrnál - Hàryáņá - Bháràŧ    Published 7 Seconds on KDP after finding the Indian publishing industry afraid of bringing out anything critical of the system under their banners. A holder ...
Kathy Byers
31/F/Lost in Translation    "I write what I know, and I know what I write." Original since birth. <3
Carson Alexander Defelice
18/M/GA    I'm not poetic I'm permanently apathic and this is my only way to make you see the way I do
Tyler Dolch
Dream of the happiest and most wonderful world . Now wake up and make it happen
WRITING is my passion .... My way of uttering my emotion .. Through dis I indulge into madness My way of letting out my bitterest ...
Megan Grace
At sea.
Jacquelyn Audrey Whiston
20/F/Ohio    I'm Jacquelyn. A writer addicted to sunrises and sad stories. Happy reading.
Exhale Your Mind
Because i can't keep all these feelings, thoughts and emotions inside any longer.
Echoes Of A Mind
Denmark    Knowing what's right, knowing what's wrong. Is something we all have to learn on our own. Danish girl who likes to mess with the different ...
Lady RF - Rosalie Fayad
Sydney, Australia.    Australian Poet, Rosalie Fayad - Lady R.F. Author of "The Edge of My World" is debuting her poetry book internationally - available at and ...
F    My name is Donna and I’m married to the love of my life, I also like to read Spike Milligan and Doctor Seuss fun poetry ...
Ashleigh Marie
Florida    I'm not sure I'm exactly a poet?
Ricardo Orozco
Guelph, Ontario    I'm an artist who suffers from being away from words for too long. Ricardo thinks that the world is a beautiful place and he must ...
Oh what a shame it would be, if you lived a life but never chased the dream...
F    I've been reciting poems since I was little, I guess it's time for me to create to.
19/M    Too Old
20/F/Somewhere at Sea   
Neither/Nowhere    My angel, flung out of space.
Dave Legalisa
20/Genderqueer/Philippines    i'm not a poet. i just love writing.
Tanisha Jackland
111/F/is still...    here
Lora Lee
I am a writer, of both poetry and fiction, since as long as I can remember. It is simply a part of who I am, ...
27/F/Utah    I'm a scientist at heart!
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