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  Nov 2017 Madonna Suchak
Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love
as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”
  Nov 2017 Madonna Suchak
Flickering in a dimly lit room
after instilling life into darkness,
timidly you dance.

In daylight you dance with finesse,
an exhibitionist with elongated flow,
your true darkness does prevail.

Your mood cycles with the moon,
as it shines filtered white into darkness,
creating an ominous eerie side.

I am part human when I dwell inside,
coming to life in darkness and partial light,
exposing all my shadows*.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 4
Write a poem with a secret – a word or idea or line
that it isn’t expressing directly. The poem should function as a sort of riddle.
When I look in your eyes
I see the agony of a thousand goodbyes
The tears in your cries
I see the sadness of the wise

When I look in your eyes
I see the depth of love, it's no surprise
I see the twinkling of a thousand stars in the skies
I can see the moon rise

When I look in your eyes
I see the seasons turn, Autumn comes, summer dies
I see the death of year's, our slow demise
I agonize

When I look in your eyes
I sadly realize
One day we must part, there'll be no tears, no goodbyes
I'll just look into your eyes

©Pauline Russell
Madonna Suchak Oct 2017
Everyone say love the heart that hurts u but never hurt the heart that loves u but I think we should not make us hurt again n again
We really don't deserve to get hurted again n again one need to get blossom in their life & cherish Almighty has given equal right to live, luv...
Happily in their life!!!
  Oct 2017 Madonna Suchak
She would cry every day
ask why it had to be this way
why was she the one that had to pay
and how her emotions swayed
her life was quite delayed

she spent all her time inside
But not because she wanted to hide
It was just to confide
in false emotions and lies
At school no one would hear her sighs
or her bathroom cries
And no matter how hard she tries
she'll always just be the girl that cries
At every situation
And people are so toxic it's like radiation
But it's not funny when she ends up on the news station
This is about a suicidal girl who was pushed to commit suicide because she got made fun of for being so sensitive.
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