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Gerdlie Jul 2019
There are signs, before the storm
The cumulonimbus clouds slowly creeping in
As you did, when you were quietly creeping away
The light rain sprinkling down on the earth beneath it
As I did, when I let jealousy water my love for you
There are signs, before the storm
I was just too blind to notice them
Gerdlie Jun 2020
If all I have is tonight
Then I just
Want to tell you
Of all the times you've taken my breath away

If all we have is tonight
Then I'll speak
And tell
Of that moment when I first fell

The glass shattering as the mirror cracked
The other side appeared
And there you were
Like a shining light
Telling me I'm not alone
You made me feel like I was at home

If I were to say I love you
Would you cringe
And **** yourself into a contortion of discomfort
Would your face tell the rejection itself
Would you smile with glee
Hug and kiss me
If I were to say I love you
Gerdlie Aug 2019
There's a difference between
lonely and alone
lost and searching
The sea of my mind shifts
and the change
causes ships to flood
leaving them to sink
Gerdlie Nov 2019
I refuse to stand still
And wait for the sun to shine on me
I’ll move so fast and free
That the sun will be forced to follow
Lets take flight
We have a world to see
Just you and me
Living out our dreams
Gerdlie May 2020
I feel like Im holding my breath
And I don't know how much longer I can go without breathing
But these are unfamiliar waters

What am I waiting for
Why am I here

Thrashing and Screaming
In the dark, deep, deadly sea

I need some air

— The End —