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Luke Lucci Oct 8
Dare not to speak for a female introduction,
Viewed as harassment and nothing but condescension.
Keep your mouth shut as you speak for all man,
Perhaps it’s just easier to end it and cleanse manipulation from your hands.
Luke Lucci Oct 7
To be forever cursed here on earth with immortality,
See the one you worship bloom without you and become elderly.
For a millennium I’d grieve for the life with you that could’ve been,
Your presence blinding, features branded into memory; luckily it was simply a dream.
Luke Wallace Copyright © 2021
Luke Lucci Sep 29
Could this reality have been different with women in power,
From the eras of Caesar, of Stalin and Alexander.
Would children go without supplement and their mothers subjected to unwilling seed,
Envisioned a reality of women in power and men on their knees.
Would a system that’s shrouded in malignancies be fair and modest posses such corruption,
Having been birthed for wasteful capitalism and upheld in contention.
Half a century of genocide, of colonialism and greed.
Continue to suffer at the hand of man, left used, discarded to plead.
It is often said that crisis brings clarity when you’re living in a mans world,
To tolerate such dominance, allowing your voices to go unheard.
Copyright © 2021
Luke Lucci Sep 29
When given it’s a blessing take that to heart,
A connection strengthened when we’re apart.
As such we feel what there could be,
Just us two there’s no need for three.
A way with words I never knew,
Her mind, my goosebumps are all owed to you.
Such loyalty I refuse to give up on,
These words of hers give me somewhere to belong.
Copyright ©2021
Luke Lucci Sep 23
Pain as such is simply temporary,
True suffering understood in its ubiquity.
Causation through controversy,
Defies its rights to proprietary.
Perhaps optimism is what you need.
Copyright ©2021
Luke Lucci Oct 2018
Forever debating what I should say,
How to survive and get through the day.
This feeling,
These voices,
remain in my head,
From the moment I wake until I return to bed.
Erected a barrier so others won’t know,
How embarrassing it is to let the pain show.
Can’t change the past,
It’s forever haunting.
Does the future have to seem so daunting.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Luke Lucci Oct 2018
To see the value within a woman’s eyes,
An evaluation that’s taken from her curves to her thighs.
A smaller waist,
A full cup to hold,
Does she exceed her value with her weight in gold.
1 - 10 is the scale you all know,
She’s asking for it,
But you still want her *** on show.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
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