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Amanda Woolums Sep 2015
just walk,
walk away
get away from me
i cant breathe
please just walk away
Amanda Woolums May 2015
Isn't everything supposed to happen for a reason?
Why must we suffer for someone else's mistakes?
What makes a person beautiful?
How can somebody tell you they love you and then leave?
Why do we all spend our whole life's searching for the impossible?
Yeah I don't know...
Amanda Woolums Apr 2015
It's been awhile since our last encounter;
When I laid you to my skin.
We used to be inseparable;
You always were there.
I ran to you when I couldn't handle
The pain I held inside.
My skin was your canvas,
For your ****** art.
I'm strong now,
That's why we've grown so far apart.
I've regained my strength,
From your wicked games.
My scars have become a reminder,
Of our last dance.
I have escaped from your grasp,
I'm finally free.
I've been clean for almost 2 months.
  Apr 2015 Amanda Woolums
no one
do you ever have the desire
to just cut
open your skin
watch yourself bleed?

not for any reason
not because you want to release
not because you need to cope
not because you are sad

but just because you want to.

it's in those moments,
when it's no longer a coping mechanism
when it's no longer a release
when there's no longer a reason

it's simply addiction

Amanda Woolums Feb 2015
Please don't speak.
don't let them escape.
Its for you to keep.

I asked you not to fall.
I see it in your eyes.
why do you wish to throw this curve ball?

Oxygen fills your lungs
biting your lip in hesitation.
they burn my soul as they roll off your tongue.

Three words.
I love you
I must have misheard

Alas I did not,
you broke your promise.
my heart in a tight knot

I feel obliged to reply.
the poison leaks from my mouth.
I feel like I'm going to **cry.
I asked you not to fall in love with me. and you replied with "I Promise"
What happed to that promise?
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