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  Jul 2016 Kristen
Renee Danielle
you had made this bed too quickly,
not realizing the sheets weren't fitted
and the blankets were tangled around our limbs.
you were so used to lying in it,
you didn't know how to be honest.

don't reach for me with hands
stained from the ink you used to rewrite your stories.
don't speak to me with words
that should have rotted out your teeth.
don't look at me with eyes
that I once saw my happiness in.

I will not play nice.
I will not worship
the storm that destroyed my home.

in the future,
my life will be so full of love,
you won't be able to look beyond it.
I hope it leaves you blind,
so you will never see the person I'll become
without you.
  Oct 2015 Kristen
Cara Christie
no, they're not white
or like anything
you think they are
and yet,
you see them all the time
in restaurants
on buses
walking down the street
shells of people
but not really
moving in circles
day after day
those vacant stares
slack jaws
unshaven faces
mismatched socks
still don't think you know a ghost?
then you very well may be one.
so glad to be joining hello poetry! i hope you guys enjoy my work
  Oct 2015 Kristen
My clenched fists beat against your chest as I screamed in the night.
You snuffed my thrash, clutched my hands in your own and hugged me tight.
I cried out in agony, angst of life unfair
You stood strong, held me, ran your fingers through my hair
White knuckles still balled up, nails cutting into my palm
Your loving whispers to me soothing my torn heart calm
With my hands firmly pressed close, still between us embraced
You laid pen in my hand for words not to be erased
A treasure among all the loving gifts you give me
Realization of self, found freedom,
MY poetry
From tears of the same salt, blood of the same veins, resonating heart,
The mind reveals the poets together, though still set apart
Kristen Sep 2015
Which am I to blame?
Odds stacked against me; I feel so small.

Air is vacuumed from my lungs with sharp utensils.

My health.
My tissue.
Seared out for research!
Their research.
Their slogans.
They're endless.

I would scream.
But air is scarce and hard to keep.
I would fight.
But exhaustion is overwhelming and the pain debilitating
I would cry.
But... thats my water.
I've been so chronically dehydrated.

Odds stacked against me; I feel so small.
Which am I to blame?
Genetics or esposure?
Kristen Sep 2015
Symptoms tucked away
She lectures me on love and choices
Little does she know,
My questions have nothing to do with love...
Just choices.
  Jul 2015 Kristen
sanch kay
i had things
go my way, then
right now, you and i
we'd be screaming through the
mountain air, hanging upside down
on a cord made of bravery and love, we'd
under the
naked moonlight,
waterfalls calling out
in the distance; i'd have
my hands around your neck and
legs tight around your waist as we paused
between the slipping rocks to steal each other's
breath away.
i had
things go my way,
baby, we'd take on the world
together; with a sky full of secrets
watching over us as we make memories
(and love)*
all over this world.
of love, lust and wanderlust. (i miss being with you).
Kristen Jul 2015
I wish to cancel my subscription please
this simply isn't working for me.
Pill regiments and appointments
I stand firm yet am frightened.
Cancerous lesions wreak havoc.
Completely unexpected.
An endless myriad of questions,
Vague answers in poker face expressions.
Once healthy cells are disfigured.
Now thick walls with spiked exterior
Latching to its next cellular host to fall.
Aftermath exponential...
Sharp, shooting pain and exhaustion,
Observe my internal destruction.
I wish to cancel my subscription please
This simply doesn't work for me
Maybe this is deserved
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