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KateKarl Oct 2017
I'll lie here and pretend
You're still in love with me
A quiet charade
That you believe I believe

I'll pretend I'm not ignored
And revel in silence
That I never asked for
Try to win you with compliance

I don't trust my defiance
I don't believe in myself
I can't catch you
Can't win you
Can't cry out for help

I'll act like I'm happy
Fake like I'm not alone
Won't act sappy
Won't change the tone

I'll keep it clean, keep it sweet
Keep fears hidden deep
You won't hear a sound, won't hear a tweet
I won't be the one to speak

I won't push you away or be the one to end it
Cause I'm dying to be near you
I won't write it, won't send it
Because deep down I fear you

I fear you leaving
Fear you running
Fear you cleaving
Fear me being lost
What's the cost
Of speaking out
Against the silence
KateKarl Oct 2017
I chase fairies
I follow the flicker
I hunt for glimmers
Of hope for love

I chase fairies
I chase the dreams
The impossibility
Of you loving me

I chase dragons
Dreams too large
So dangerous
They will roast me alive

I chase flying horses
Cats with wings
Elves and sprites
All impossible to be had

I chase fairies.
I chase after you,
After your love.
It's not the same.

But impossible enough
For me to catch
I might as well search
For other myths as well.
If it gives anyone a little hope, I caught my impossible love in the end.

— The End —