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Just Benifet Oct 2017
I've been told that my smiles
They don't reach my eyes anymore
And whenever I see someone genuinely happy
A part of me dies a little more
I can't sleep
I can't eat
I don't want to go outside anymore
All I really want to do,
Lay in bed and cry a little more
I really wish
That I could think
Outside of my draining sink
Happy memories, good experiences
All down into that deep, black hole
They say shape up, ship out, get up, don't pout
Look around you, this generation is dying
You say our humor is morbid, or ******, nonsensical
But what you can't see is that we're using it to cover up the fact that inside
We're crying.
Look past the fake smiles
The masks that everyone wears
See that past all that we're rocking back and forth
In a dark black hole
Thinking over and over
'It'll be ok'
  Nov 2016 Just Benifet
Faith is for fools
Believe in them
Trust that reason
Will win
And you will find
A monster
Given the keys
To the land
Of now tragic dreams.
Trump won
Ha ha
That will end well
Just Benifet Nov 2016
Touching places they shouldn't
Grasping things that hurt
Doing things that they shouldn't-
Things that I really don't want them to do
Pounding heads
Cups filled with water, wine, and other things put there by hands controlled by scheming minds
I know that I don't want this
But I have no power to stop it
No control over my own life
This is my guess at what it would feel like to be drugged at a party-- remember kids, take your drinks with you EVERYWHERE. Don't leave them unattended (in all seriousness, don't).
Just Benifet Nov 2016
I can tell that the radio's playing
But all that I hear is white noise
I know that he's talking
I can see his lips moving
But his words go in one ear and out the other
Not coming anywhere near my mind
Which might as well be in another dimension
Not in this smoke filled room
With the heat and sweat of all these bodies
I feel his hands
Places I know my father wouldn't want him to go
I should tell him no
But I'm frozen in this white dimension
White walls
White floors, white ceiling
White noise
Just Benifet Oct 2016
Chasing Stars
Dreams go far
Never knowing
Always hoping
Closing eyes
Propelling off of cliffs
Never knowing
To fall into a land of stars
I don't really know about this poem... It's my first on Hello Poetry, the one I submitted for approval (yay!)... So, ya.
  Oct 2016 Just Benifet
there must be a place where broken words go
the ones without a limb
not fully formed
not spoken right
not heard

there must be a place where broken words go
the sentences left uncompleted
the trailing words that never left the lips
the "but" and the "and"
that were always left hanging

somewhere between silence and speech
there must be a place where broken words go
full of stutters and writers block sufferers
somewhere between the "i love"
and the "you" that never followed
or the "wait"
that was whispered into the air
the "please come back"
that made peace with dying
on the corners of a turning mouth

there must be a place where broken words go
the words spoken but never heard
the letters written but never posted
the train of thought that crashed into the clouds
the words in the bottle that traveled the sea
but sunk to the bottom before it could ever reach

there must be a place where my broken words go
the stains on my diary that didn't come from a pen
and the letters on my thighs that don't make sense
the things i could never say
and the things i said that came out all wrong
all the broken alphabets in my song
that cry for salvation
for one more chance

there must be a place where broken words go
there must be a place i can call home.
Just Benifet Oct 2016
I live a very melancholy life
And I never really knew why
I would try and try
Watching all my friends reach their skies
Never quite being able to touch mine
My fingertips would brush the clouds
Then I would fall back down
To a world filled to the brim with happiness that never seemed to reach my cup
I'd go up and up and up
Then in an instant I'd fall back down
To my happy little world
My smiling face masking a melancholy frown
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