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Jude Jaden Apr 2021
I bricked myself from society
Due to dark tragedy
I lose trust in everybody
Which includes my own family
It's like sunny day turn stormy
At time I rest in my own sanctuary
To heal my soul for new journey
Jude Jaden Apr 2021
Passion makes me write
Ambitious makes me never stop
To throw out fiery words
Jude Jaden Mar 2021
Thinking of you
As i listen
to my favorite song
which kind of relatable with us
suddenly came
the beautiful breezy rain
that brought me peace
and enormous calm
i feel at ease
and it's as if
the rain tells me that
you are missing me
Jude Jaden Jan 2019
Alone, i felt like freezing
Even in the warmest air
Emptiness shadowing
as my friend
Jude Jaden Jan 2019
I am completely lost in my own world
Completely lost in words
It feels like the whole world is sleeping
My world is so static
where i am locked
With a giant chain
That has no key of freedom
Jude Jaden Nov 2015
Tears, it makes no harms
Somehow, tears brought at ease
By tears shed a calm
Jude Jaden Sep 2015
As tears roll down the cheeks
Doubt turns into baffles
I believe the angels lingered
I gently plead them, calm me
Seconds after…
Frozen blaze flourished to chest
Illuminating this heart to soul..
I’m puzzled in blend,
Its like captivated, hypnotized
Nerves triggering tears at ceased
Tumbled minds at eased
Crumbled emotions at thawed..
I am mesmerized..
but at soothed..
When in messed, no ones around, I'll talked to the Angels
I believed to been touched by delicate angels
I can feel the warmed of my palms
Through my veins, Through my flesh
Feel the presence, it will come to you
Worlds are unique, with varies of creations
I had gone through grief moments..
Which made me believe of the Angelic presence..
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