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JIN Apr 2018
You failed.
You don't get me back.
You live with misery,
I live with grief.
JIN Apr 2018
His smile could light a thousand fires.....
  Mar 2018 JIN
Diary Of A Broken Heart
Journal entry #2

Curled up on the bathroom floor.
I stare down at my phone, so long, that my eyes glaze over.
Surprised I remembered all the songs that use to set my soul on fire.
Music was always my second love, and then there was you.

Already tipsy, I take a long swig from my bottle of jack and say to myself, (Rip it, its just like a bandaid just do it.)

I hit shuffle and the first song that plays is...
(H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line)

The pain that washed over me was excruciating. It made every hair on my body stand and shiver. Tears fell from my eyes as my mind brought me right back to that time, and that place, in that car, as I brought you to our home and you sang that song to me.

I remember thanking God in this moment.
I finally had you back. I remember thinking how lucky I was... Blessed.
Thinking we conquered it all.
Feeling like I had died and gone to heaven and there you were.

I felt short of breath, I felt like I was suffocating. Because I  never knew such a happiness existed...never wanting someone so much in your life..

Try to see this through my eyes.
Life hasent always been good to me.
I try to see the good in life.
But good things in life are hard to find.
But then, in walks a man I thought was sent from heaven.
Maybe, it was finally my time to be happy?

God is that you?

Too blind to see it at the time, but God was saying No the entire time.

I was blown away, what could I say?
It all seemed to make sense at the time.
Stupid me, thinking he loved me, as much as I loved him.
JIN Mar 2018
"How do you let out all of your pain?" said the beautiful red-head.
"I write."
"How does that help?" asking questionably
"Do you know how when you open a coke bottle, and its shook up so its super full?..."
"Well, its kinda like that... You have to take it slow and let air slip one moment at a time." I say.
JIN Mar 2018
The clouds have lifted and cleared
But my soul is still dark and depressed
I see the ocean
Craving the waves I want to swim...
Deeper into my emotion
Just to touch my beautiful
Yet painfully stricken brittle seafloor......
#depressed       #feelings      #beautiful     #yetugly
JIN Mar 2018
As the day grows
Darker and Darker
My mood falls
Deeper and deeper
Into the bottom
Of my new jar
Because all of the other hundreds
Are full
#full       #keptinside    #newjar
#alonewithmyself       #depressed
  Mar 2018 JIN
She never stopped crying
She felt like she was dying
She wore her scars on her back
And Carried her problems like a backpack
She didn't know how great she could grow up to be
She didn't know if she wanted to wait long enough to see
She was ready to give in
Shoulders slouched and a low chin
She didn't think they really cared
About all that was left unsaid
They called out to her
But it was all just a blur
But after calling and calling,
She Almost found herself falling
Until she was caught by a familiar face
And suddenly the world became such a beautiful place

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